Event marketing

On Saturday, October 20, 2018, at the Anim’s temple of the Christ Apostolic Church Int., the Youth Ministry of the Accra South Territory will hold a Career and Exhibition fair dubbed “EMERGE 2018” for members of the church and the entire community.

Emerge 2018 is the first of its kind in seeking to provide a platform for young people in the church to be empowered and equipped for leadership, career, and business related issues both in the local and global environments.

The fair also seeks to focus on enhancing self-esteem, building confidence, fostering youth voice and engaging in conversations with the “EMERGED PERSONALITY” for the year.

“There are many people in the church looking for new and better career opportunities, and we are excited to partner with corporate Ghana, to share the many resources available to our members and the general public at large and this event is an important place to begin that process.

The full-day program will provide members with valuable information on career, opportunities to explore new ideas, dig deeper into issues alongside experts, build skills, and learn new innovations which are redefining our world.

Talking about the event, Mr. Neil Koomson Arhin, the president of the Accra South Territorial Youth Ministry said, this truly is a golden opportunity for people to begin improving the quality of their lives by preparing for the kind of purposeful, fulfilling, career and future they have always wanted.

He also said if even a handful of people take advantage of this program, we can consider the effort a huge success.

The Accra south youth ministry consists of over one thousand youth members from forty-five different assemblies in the greater Accra region.

Membership is generally made up of students, entrepreneurs and professionals from various industries.