Words of Encouragement from Pastor Nomthi Odukoya

Taking the promise for the week in Psalm 27:1, Pastor Nomthi Odukoya described a certain type of tree that when it grows tall is bound together to prevent it from breaking or bending over. This she used as an analogy of how God holds us together to prevent same from happening to us.

She told the congregation of a time in her childhood when she ran into the woods for fear of being punished by her grandmother for something she did wrong. With persuasion from her cousin, she returned from the woods with the hope that she had escaped being disciplined; unfortunately, that was not the case. The moral of the story, she said, is that God is still in the business of bringing His children out of difficult situations, which the woods symbolised.

She noted that even when we are weak or face a frightening situation, we must always remember that God is our strength and so should never be afraid.

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