Women and their Spending Habits

It is no longer news that it takes a lot of investment to nurture a girl into a full blown, beautiful woman. Apart from the cultural, emotional, tribal, spiritual and societal influences, the financial commitment which is vested in the hands of the parents or guardians is not a task that one easily jumps into.

From cradle to teenage days, when their bodies yield to puberty, your expenses double up, from toiletries to accessories, name them; it is only the beginning.  These expenses include upkeep and schooling, perhaps this is one of the reasons why some families demand a huge amount on bride price!

By nature, our bodies go through different changes from childhood to adulthood, and it is not cheap to manage these changes. I am not necessarily insinuating we are expensive, but we are definitely not cheap. Our basic needs cannot be ignored if we must maintain a level of cleanliness and orderliness, yet this has nothing to do with our totality as women; this is just a minute of our personality. Yes, it is important we cater for our day to day needs, like taking good care of our bodies, hair, clothes, and so on; we should not go beyond our limits in a bid to meeting these needs.

Our pockets differ in many ways, and so what you can afford in terms of meeting your daily needs might be different from mine in terms of affordability and quality. Our limits then would be what we can afford based on our pockets; we should not spend our entire savings, or milk our loved ones dry just to meet our basic needs. If you have the money to purchase your collectibles, by all means, spend it; if you don’t have that much, please buy what you can afford. Of what use is it if we spend without proper planning, especially when we know that it is not wise to put all our eggs in one basket.

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Lately, I discovered some men want more of male children; and it occurred to me they are overwhelmed even before the children start to arrive; no thanks to the present state of our economy to the extent that some women have used their basic needs as an excuse to milk their families, friends and associates dry. It should not be a do or die affair, and we need not create unnecessary stress on such trivial matters. Yes, as a woman, your basic needs are paramount, and they would be met if we take appropriate measures, one of which is spending within our own budget.

The truth is, do not use other people’s yardstick to estimate your own budget, it would only lead to frustration and regrets. There is more to life than looking good! You can imagine the embarrassing situations some women put themselves through just with the excuse of wanting to look good. This does not mean that you look shabby, but it is important to balance the equation on our spending habit. With the numerous cosmetics to choose from, and many hair and body treatments products available in the market, women are under pressure to look good constantly. We are beautiful and every woman wants to be the part and look the part as well.

However, we should remember we are not going to remain girls forever; we would grow to become wives and mothers so we have to learn to manage our finances now. As mothers, we no longer have our lives to consider; other lives are attached to ours now.

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Today, the in-thing is that you are not considered a beauty or diva, until you have applied a number of the beauty products that are in vogue. As seasons come and go more products would be introduced; you may not be able to afford the expensive ones today, but as your finances increase you will be able to afford them. The bottom line is to look beautiful within the size of your pocket. If we do not adopt the principle of checks and balances, we would end up in a serious financial mess.  Spending wisely is not just about saving for the present, but also securing a prosperous future for posterity.

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