WHEELER ARMY AIR FIELD — An American architect by the name of Frank Lloyd Wright is the architect behind the “Empire Hotel” in Tokyo, Japan. Wright spent 2 whole years on just the basic construction and foundation, an unusually long period of time. Because of this prolonged time spent on the foundation, a lot of money went into the hotel and it later faced a few obstacles when trying to open. As a result, many people criticized and ridiculed Wright for wasting time and money. The hotel took a total of 4 years to construct: 2 years on the basic foundation and 2 years on the structure of the building.

The “Empire Hotel” and Frank Lloyd Wright came to be known as the project that wasted the most time and money. But 52 years after its completion, a large earthquake hit Tokyo. Countless roads and buildings were destroyed and many people died. Yet, everything and everyone inside of the Empire Hotel were unharmed and the building remained standing tall. Since then, Frank Lloyd Wright’s name became a legend in Japanese architecture.

Foundations tested
In Matthew 7:24-27 of the Bible, Jesus tells the story of two builders: “…a wise man who built his house on the rock… a foolish man who built his house on sand …” Some of us might remark, “Who would ever build a house on sand?” but this is something that actually happens often in reality. People choose to build on sand, or foundations other than rock, because it is cheaper and simply easier. Breaking, carving, and evening out rock to make it suitable for a building to stand requires time, money, and effort. The more time spent, the more money is invested. A softer foundation takes less time, less effort, and consequently less money. As a result, one can build a house much faster on sand than on rock.

The problem arises when hurricanes or earthquakes pass through. The difference in the foundations become clear. Heavy rains test the foundation’s solidity while the winds test the structure’s strength. The Bible tells us to not focus on the outside or on looks. Just because two houses look the same, it does not mean they were built the same. We must remember that we are exposed to danger when the foundation or structure is not sound.

When Jesus is talking to us about building a house, he is not speaking to us about architecture. The parable is a metaphor for how we should be building our lives. A house and one’s life are very similar. All of us are building some kind of house within our lives, and nothing can be built if we do not have a firm foundation. We find a foundation, and then be build our lives up from that foundation. The foundation we choose for our lives can be solid like a rock, or unstable like sand.

Some people build their lives on money or material possessions. Some people build their lives on studies, education, and their own philosophy. Some build their lives on honor and reputation. Some people build their lives on passion and ambition. And some people build their lives on something eternal they cannot see.

We will all face a time when the foundation of our lives will be challenged and tested. Everyone will eventually face the winds, rains, and quakes of disaster, regardless of their wealth, humility, or position.

Some will survive the storm, but others will crumble. We must remember that we need God in our lives and we need to trust our lives to Him. The focus and foundation of our lives must be God and our faith in Him. Those who build their lives on the foundation of the Lord are wise. Those who build their lives on the foundation of God will survive the storm. What is your foundation?

Source: Hawai’i Army Weekly