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You may think that you’re stressed out because you have too much work to do. You may think your boss is unreasonable. You may be right.

But that’s not why you’re stressed.

Work doesn’t stress us out. Worry does.

Work doesn’t keep us up at night. Worry does.

You’re probably not overworked. You’re very likely over-worried.

God doesn’t mince words in the Bible about what he thinks about worry. He says, “Never worry about anything” (Philippians 4:6 GW). Do you see any wiggle room in that verse? I don’t. You won’t find any exceptions.

Never worry about anything.

It’s about as big of a blanket statement as you can possibly make.

When it comes to worrying, just don’t do it. That’s what the Bible says. But God also tells us there is something we can do with our worry instead.

First Peter 5:7 says, “Leave all your worries with him, because he cares for you” (TEV).

I love that word unload, because in the original Greek the verse literally says to just drop it. It’s not like you’re throwing a baseball or throwing a rock across the lake. It just says to unload it—let it go.

It won’t do you any good to hang on to what you’re worried about. Why not let it go?

Pastor Rick Warren