What You Didn’t Know about Life and Oxygen

We were taught in elementary science classes that oxygen is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas that is necessary for life. We scored good grades for memorising and reproducing this information in many examinations. Sadly, this definition didn’t share the full gist with us. The beautiful part of that unshared gist is what this post will deliver to you.

Oxygen is found in the air that blows around us. When it is lacking, it could be supplied, especially in critical medical conditions. But, is it really oxygen that keeps us alive? Is life preserved simply because oxygen is readily available?

Why do people still die in spite of ample supply of oxygen? Why does a dead body refuse to come back to live even when we expose it to wind from an industrial fan? Why didn’t the first dude called Adam move and live after being moulded in the presence of Eden’s natural oxygen?

Join me on this little journey as I share a story with you…

Seven years ago, I got access to a conversation that occurred more than two millennia ago between two people, the master, Di and his protégé, Ez.

Ez: Master, I have heard of a few strange things; does any of such still happen today?

Di: Yes, very well, have you ever heard that ordinary lifeless bones can live?

Ez: Ah Master, you are at it again, only you knows about that. Never heard of such.

Di: Will you be excited to hear and know more about it?

Ez: Oh, sure yeah!

Di: In fact, it is something you can do right now and it requires just one thing!

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Ez: Really? Then, master please tell me all about it, I will be glad to add one more flavour to my experience.

Di: Ez, all you need to do is to SPEAK over the bones.

Ez: Just words? You mean, I will only use my tongue, open and close my mouth, that’s it? What should I say?

Di: You will say, “Hey bones, listen up, I bring on you full bags of the breath of life, so get fired up to life right away, I bring on you attachments of sinews and add meat to you, I cover you with skin and command streams of oxygen into you. Get back to your feet!”

Voila, right there the bones will get up, walking and living as humans.

Ez: Master, just like that?

Di: Yeah, it is that simple.

At this point Ez was curious to experience the magic but anxious, perhaps it fails to work. Nonetheless, he gave it a shot. Fortunately, he lived close to a valley filled with skeletons. He rushed in there at once.

Ez: Hey bones, listen to my voice and get up to your feet!

Ah, Ez almost took to flight after that statement because immediately, the lifeless bones made a sound and oh, rustling! The bones started moving and coming together, bone to bone. Ez kept watching, totally amazed. Sinews formed, then muscles on the bones, then skin stretched over them. But they had no breath in them.

Di: Ez, don’t stop, speak to the wind, activate the oxygen into the structure.

Instantly, Ez spoke to the wind, “Wind, come from the north, west, south and east. Come breath. Breathe on these bodies. Breathe life!”

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Instantly, the breath entered into them like 100 passengers struggling into a 3-seater car. It went through the marrows and the joints, it spread through the thick and soft linings, it permeated the centre and the rear. They came alive! They stood up on their feet, a huge army.

Di said to Ez, my dear son, oxygen is just freely available in nature, it doesn’t give life, it is the potency of my essence and the vitality in my word that activated the life you see all around. I am the God of all flesh!

In the beginning WAS the Word and the Word WAS with God and the Word WAS God! (John 1:1)

I existed before the beginning; my word has been living before anything, including oxygen, was created. And until I spoke, nothing came into being, until I breathed my essence into man, trees were far valuable than human beings.

Friend, I know you just get so worried about things you can’t change, sometimes you could see a bright future ahead, but your everyday reality seem like 10 steps backwards. There are many precious things you desire and the harder you work, the harder it becomes to crack the nuts. You are close to the breakthrough, but right now, you are beclouded with some sort of guilt.

I need you to go pick God’s Word NOW and drink life – huge draughts of life. I need you to start living again!

Start speaking the Word, just like Ez did, into those ugly situations.

Yeah, life will come into you.

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Speak Life!

Editor’s note: The conversation between Di and Ez is an adaptation of Ezekiel 37:1-10.

Damilola Fasoranti is a professional teacher and resiliently inspires men in every place to live out the illimitability within them. He doesn’t think outside the box, he decided long ago to throw off the box completely. You can connect with him on Twitter via @FashDami.


Photo credit: © Terry Vine/Blend Images/Corbis

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