How Well Do You Know Your Man?

Knowing your man -what they want, what they like, who they are; goes a long way in a relationship; and sometimes, it is the determining factor of how long a relationship would last. So, before we explore the question of how well you know your man, here are a few tips on how you can get to know your partner:

Read: You would wonder how reading can get you to know more about your man, but it can actually do wonders. There are some basic things that apply to most men, and reading about them can help you know your partner a little better, as well as understand him.

Study Him: Sometimes, studying people can seem irrelevant, but it can be very enlightening. So, you need to carefully study your partner, and it is not about studying him to know his weaknesses and complain about them, but studying him to learn all about him, to inform your actions on how you relate with him.

Listen to Him: A lot of times, while we talk, we give hints about who we are and what we want, and how we want to be related with; so when your partner talks, don’t just hear him, listen to him!

Ask Him: This works too; ask him questions about his background and his experiences in life, and any other relevant questions you feel you need to know. Him responding to these questions will help you to get to know more about him.

Use the Knowledge: It is a thing to know someone and it is another thing to use the knowledge to relate with the person. So when you have known certain things about your man, use the knowledge to make him happy, use the knowledge to better his life, and this, in turn, would make you have a happy kind of relationship.

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Now, if you were to give a percentage rate of how well you know your man what would it be?


Nifemi Adekunle

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