Waiting on God

Sitting by the kitchen table and lost in thought, Maggie Richards didn’t hear her husband walk into the kitchen. Startled, she looked up into a pair of smiling eyes. She hadn’t been expecting him home that early, but relief swept through her as she saw him. At least, now that he was around, she would be able to let out her worries and talk to him about it. Maggie and her husband had four children; one of them was married, but he is yet to have his own child after five years of marriage.  One of Maggie greatest desires was to have grandchildren to play with and to nurse.

Maggie and her husband, Matthew Richards, though they didn’t get married as believers, had encountered the Lord almost at the same time, which was years before they started having children. Maggie and her husband also had a delay in childbearing, and they had concluded that God had made it that way so that he could have a place in their hearts and home before they started to have children; and they would be able to nurture them to fear him when they finally do. So, when their son started facing a similar experience of delayed childbearing, they wondered what could have been responsible for the delay since their son and his wife were already fervent believers. So, even though Maggie and her husband prayed for their son and his wife, Maggie was nonetheless anxious about the delay in childbearing.

In addition to her son’s fruitless marriage, her daughters, who were graduates, were yet to find a paid job. Frustrated, Maggie cried out to God.

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”Dear Lord, how long shall I wait for the fulfilment of your promises in my family? My patience is wearing thin, please help me God.” Two weeks after her cry to God, she came across an article about “Waiting on God” on the internet; while reading the article, she realised how wrong she had been to be so anxious and impatient with God. She found out her restlessness was an indirect sign that she believed that God was unfaithful with his promises. That day, she begged God to forgive her and her impatience. God changed her story ever since then.

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