A Voice Asked Me, “What Are You Doing With Your Life?”

In 1996, precisely in the month of November, I started moving with friends that knew how to get money by grabbing their parents’ money. And because I just decided to have this money, I was looking for it by all means.

Then I came across this particular guy that had mobile phones to sell. At the time, these particular mobile phones just came into the country. So I spoke to him to give me a phone to help him sell and he gave me. Before that time, I had a dream one day and saw myself in a forest. I didn’t know how I got there. I saw a lot of people I knew in that forest and I kept wondering how I got there. All of a sudden, we started hearing heavy roars of lions and we were all scared. But I heard a voice that instructed me to draw a big circle on the ground and call everybody to come into it. I quickly obeyed and every one of us was in that circle. Then these massive lions came and were sniffing at something but they didn’t see us and they all went away; then I woke up.

Immediately, I knew what the dream meant. Although I was not born again as at then, but I knew the dream was pointing to the fact that I would be born again. So I kept saying “I will not be born again!” This is because I had this perception about born again people and I hated the idea. I had a cousin whose behaviour did not really portray good Christianity. I decided that if this was how born again Christians were, then I would not want to be part of them. So when I had that dream, I rejected it and wanted to make money and that brought me to this phone man.

Unfortunately, I met a secondary school senior of mine who showed interest in buying the phone. I gave it to him and he disappeared; I never saw him again. I went back to that same spot where I sold the phone to him because I didn’t know his house, but he was not there. Then it dawned on me that a phone worth N25,000 was gone! I tried calling the guy, but his line wasn’t going through. So I went to report at the police station.

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The owner of the phone had started looking for me, so I became a fugitive, leaving the house very early in the morning and coming back late at night so that he would not see me. My family members started getting worried as to where I usually went to, but I didn’t bother to tell them what was happening. That was how I lived for a while. It later became a big burden on me, so I later told my elder sister and she advised me to tell my father, which I did.

After scolding me, my dad said he would only protect me in the house; but outside of it, I was on my own. So when the owner of the phone came to my house, my father drove him away and the man promised to catch me outside. It became so serious that I could not eat or socialize again. I desperately needed God’s intervention, and that led me to church. That Sunday I just went to church and it was Pastor Bimbo that preached. After her ministration, she made an altar call. I stepped out and I told God that if He could bring me out of this mess, then my life would be His. The owner and some of his friends later caught me and gave me the beating of my life. I told them to give me time to raise the money and they allowed me.

One day, I went to see a friend of mine (of blessed memory now) to help me search for this man who went away with the phone, because he too knew him. Since this friend of mine could fight karate, I got him involved. The owner of the phone was also with me then. Just as we were talking, he just pointed to a man walking on the road and asked me, “Is this not the guy you are looking for?”

At that moment, I felt like a heavy load was lifted off me. I told the owner that was the man who ran away with his phone. So he grabbed the man and took him to the same place I was beaten and tortured him well before taking him to Ilupeju police station. Everything happened in this Ilupeju. When the police saw me, they grabbed me also and put me behind the counter saying that I misled them into arresting the wrong person the first time I went there to report. My family had to come to bail me around 12 midnight.

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I was happy because that heavy burden was lifted off me, which showed that God had done His part; it was now left for me to do my part according to my vow during the altar call. Of course, being faithful to my part became a struggle because I would go back and forth. This was due to some habits I would not find easy to let go of. The kind of life I was exposed to as a young child, being abused sexually by our house helps, made me quite adventurous to explore every area of my sexual life. So I had lots of things to do with the house helps in the house. Although I had become a church boy, these challenges were still in my life; I wasn’t yet serious with God. I was just playing church and religion.

But on a particular Sunday, while I was busy ushering (I had become an usher then), suddenly I was given a slap and I saw stars. Then a voice came to me and said, “What are you doing with your life?” Then it dawned on me that I was actually doing nothing, although I was a church boy. I became quite sober immediately. That was the only thing I heard that day; I didn’t even hear the sermon. It was then I made up my mind to get serious with God. It was then I discovered that masturbation was wrong, but it had already become a stronghold in my life and how to break it became a paramount concern.

I would cry to God to help me break it, but it was still there. One day, I summoned the courage and confided in a friend to join me in prayer and he too confessed to me that he was into it. So we both went to meet the president of the youth fellowship at the time. He tried to deal with the issue, but he didn’t really bring out much. Then one day, about two or three years later, God sent a man from Kenya to me. He was in a Sunday service preaching when suddenly he started sniffing as if he perceived some odour around. He said, “I can smell masturbation, if you know you masturbate, come out!” The Holy Spirit said to me immediately, “Your deliverance has come!” But I battled with it, thinking how I, an usher, would walk out in the presence of all the people for deliverance. The man made that call like five times and he refused to continue with his message until people started coming out for deliverance. So I went out and he laid hands on me and used a verse in Galatians 3. I had to believe God‘s word to flush it out like running water. I had to fill my heart and mind with the word of God and then I noticed that for two years I never did it. Then I realised that I was a new man.

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I was born into a Catholic family, but I never thought I needed to give my life to Christ. We kept changing churches and that happened up to seven times. As a matter of fact, my dad was the one who brought us to The Fountain of Life Church one day, and Pastor Bimbo was preaching. That was when it occurred to me that beautiful women could be born again too, and that influenced my giving my life to Christ. I discovered that, after all, Christians were not ruffians. Since then I have been in the Lord and I have never gone back. God actually knows how to get you when He has a call upon your life. He really had a hold on me until I came to Him. I never had peace and all ways were blocked until I found Him. So giving my life to Him was a wise choice.

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