A recent viral video has thousands of people praising God after a TikTok user said she was once an atheist but has since come to God due to the Christian content the popular app exposed her to.

Last week, 32-year-old user Inkydoeshair, who identifies as Felicia on her profile, shared an emotional video that has since gone viral. The user pleaded with her followers for “help” because she was feeling conflicted after identifying as an atheist for so long.

“Now I’m really confused because all I see are videos about God and Jesus, and I actually prayed the other night, and I don’t know why,” she explained. “I guess I need help because I just don’t know where to start. I just don’t get how, if you guys claim He loves me so much, I don’t understand why I have denied Him so many times.”

The young lady went on to say she’s “done so many bad things” and “doesn’t know where to start” when it comes to living for Jesus. The video now has hundreds of thousands of views with several people offering encouraging messages to the former atheist.

In a subsequent video shared the following day, Inkydoeshair thanked all the TikTok users who reached out to her because it helped her overcome the fear of being vulnerable about her new faith.

The mother of one has now shared series of videos to her TikTok profile, revealing more about her faith journey. She admitted that initially, she felt like a “hypocrite” for going from being “so sure” there was no God to now talking about Jesus in every video.

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In one of her posts, she recounted how she was feeling so discouraged and then coming across Timothy 4:18, which reads, “Yes, the Lord will deliver me from every evil attack and will bring me safely into His heavenly Kingdom.”

She referred to her discouragements an “attack from Satan” and said that she kept receiving “signs from God.”

In a later video, the new believer revealed that she grew up Christian but abandoned her faith many years ago. Inkydoeshair said she would not be deleting her old videos, some that feature vulgar language, because they will serve as a reminder for how far she’s come and hold her “accountable,” Christian Post Reported.