An amazing sight as heaven opens at the burial of Pastor Olugbenga Joshua.

It looks like one of those grand stunts you see in Hollywood movies or their Nigerian Nollywood version. But for real, the heaven opens to receive the soul of a not so popular Nigerian clergy, Pastor Olugbenga Joshua of the Chapel of Redemption International Ministries.

Relatively little is known of Pastor Olugbenga Joshua with no Wikipedia page, no personal or church’s website to provide much information about him or proclaim his ministries and exploits, except for a Facebook page created on March 1, 2015, and a YouTube channel where some of his messages can be accessed.

But, while he might not be well known here on earth, Heaven obviously reckons with this God’s servant as the skies opened up and revealed a brightly shining light, with a glowing rainbow halo, as if to welcome him home the moment his remains were committed to the earth, while those at the burial kept shouting “Alleluia!” “Glory!” at the top of their voice in awe at the amazing sight.

Needless to say that the sober mood at the burial immediately turned to a rapturous one as everyone started to rejoice, singing and dancing, in the assurance of the fact that Pastor Olugbenga Joshua was truly going to heaven and they started congratulating his immediate family members.

From the information gathered on his ministry’s Facebook page, Pastor Olugbenga Joshua appeared to have died last year September 2019 in his mid-50s. A random selection of his messages while alive reveals that his sermons focused mainly on holiness and the imperative of doing away with any form of distraction in order to make heaven. And he obviously lived his message and practised what he preached as the video above reveals, such that upon his very glorious exit from this hemisphere, he was gloriously received to heaven with such mindblowing celestial sign of heaven opening to welcome a good and faithful servant.

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“Who can count the dust of Jacob, Or number one-fourth of Israel? Let me die the death of the righteous, And let my end be like his!”Numbers 23:10

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