Using Waiting Time to Your Advantage

I had a hair appointment last week at noon. My stylist was running behind, and I had to wait 10 minutes. That was perfectly fine, because I had my iPhone and I used that time to catch up on email.

Yesterday, I made a phone call to a physician to switch an appointment, and was immediately put on hold. Again, no worries. While I was waiting, I set the phone on speaker, put it down, and typed up a letter, until they were able to assist me.

We spend lots of our lives ‘on hold’ while we’re waiting for something else to happen. That time could be spent relaxing if we so choose, or invested in doing something we need to get done.

Waiting for dinner to cook? You might choose to check your child’s homework during this time.

Waiting for a file to download? Open another window on your computer and pay one of your bills electronically.

Waiting for your son’s choir class to end? Bring along that stack of magazines you haven’t been able to get to.

Be prepared. At home, it’s likely you can find something to do quickly if you’re waiting. If you’re not home, that may be a different story. If you forget to bring reading material, or your checkbook to balance, or your computer tablet, you may have no other option at that point except ‘to wait.’ Doing that, while OK sometimes, is unproductive.

Use your waiting time to your advantage. If you add up all your waiting time in a given day, it will likely add up to more than you think. Using it to your advantage can help you get more done, and help you accumulate more free time–something we can all use more of!

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