Undiluted Love 2

“Oga! Oga! Mama is here”, the driver came in to announce the arrival of my mother-in-law.  My son, se dada ni? Bawo nikan?  Ise nko? “Adupe mami” …said the husband.  “Welcome, come in. fadekemi!!!” My husband called.  Darling I’m coming o, I responded.  When I rushed to hug my mother- in-law, she tilted to the other side and started talking to her son. “Mami, fadekemi is greeting you now” my husband said. You need to see the way my mother- in-law flared up and starting saying why will she greet a barren woman?  “Haaa, mami that is too much I will not take that from you”, my husband said. At that point tears were flowing from my eyes uncontrollably.  I couldn’t hold myself; I ran into the room like a wounded lion and fell face down on the bed crying. Within a short time, my husband ran after me and apologizes for what his mother said to me. He added that I shouldn’t mind her words that probably she was stressed as a result of the long journey. I decided to reason with my husband and that ends the day. But believe me I knew in my heart that this was going to be the beginning of a big problem for me.  I prayed to God that He should show himself soon and let my mother-in-law know that I am not a barren woman. “Oh Lord do it very soon”.

The following morning

“Mama, good morning ma, your food is ready” I said.  She didn’t even respond to my greetings but she went straight to the dinning and started consuming the food. I stood there amused while thinking what could have prompted all this attitude. I knew this woman to be so nice to me. I walked away after a minute of thought. Everything I do in the house since my mother-in-law came has all been wrong, but my husband was always ready to defend me politely. It even got to a point that my husband had to tell his mother to leave the house because she slapped me for greeting her, can you imagine? I pleaded with my husband to let her stay because I believe all her act is to remind God that I am still here and moreover I can relate with her pain, her first son married for 3 years plus without a  child. Meanwhile, I didn’t pray to be barren but I am trusting God on this. My fasting and prayer increase drastically likewise my mother- in- law’s effort to frustrate me out of my matrimonial home.

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Oluwaloseyifunmi Sekoni

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