Understanding and Exercising Your Authority -Pastor Moji Awokoya

Pastor Moji Awokoya during her message said that no child of God should harbor or exhibit fear because it is not a gift from God. According to her, the Spirit of power, love and sound mind is the gift God has bestowed on them and that is what they ought to manifest anywhere they go.

Speaking from Genesis 1:1-28 and Luke 10:1-10, she said that this can be achieved by studying the word of God. She noted that meditating on the word of God empowers believers to understand their right and brings about manifestation. “Even God our Father had to speak for creation to be made manifest. So whatever you speak is what your reality becomes,” she said.

She said that man is the only creation made in God’s image and given the authority to dominate the world and also create. Even though that dominion was lost in Genesis 3, she stated that it was restored to man through the finished work of Christ on the cross. And as many as come into God’s kingdom, she noted, possess that authority and God would always back them up whenever they use it. “So believers need to understand their rights in Christ and correct whatever things are not going the right way in their lives,” she stated.

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