UACC President Says Nigeria Will Overcome Insecurity Challenges

President, United Apostolic Church of Christ (UACC), Dr. James Bayo Owoyemi has expressed optimism that Nigeria will soon overcome all the security, economic and political challenges bedeviling the country.

Speaking on the present state of the nation, he urged the Government to put their trust in God.

“It’s obvious, the security and economic situations of the country are not conductive. Government should be proactive and work towards salvaging the situations.

While noting that Nigeria is a nation of God, he said the unfavourable conditions will come to pass.

“We will surely overcome the challenges and normalcy will return to our land, should put God first. In Him only we can move and have our being.

“We should love ourselves and seek the good of others. This will go a long way to bring sanity to our country.”

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