Trials of Womanhood

For women, our cycle is an interesting one from childhood to adulthood; it must follow through one level of change or the other. Apart from our individual or corporate excesses, nature and the happenstances of life often take its toll on us. And so we have to battle with a lot of trails such as insecurities and other psychology effects as a result of our nature as women. You may choose to call it hormonal changes; they could be both positive and negative reaction, depending on the mood and the knowledge of the bearer.

Once we bear in mind that our lives are in stages and that all we have to do is prepare and look forward to such changes; then we would cherish being the true women we really are. The first stage is the childhood stage; the girl faces little challenges here, except the ones their parents create for them like we see today. Marking register at salons, having to wear ball gowns like ‘Sofia the first’ and dealing with heels at such a tender age. I guess a child is supposed to enjoy childhood and not meddle with adult life.

The adolescent stage unfolds with a lot of drama, she experiences several changes almost about the same time; if she is not guided or educated in such matters, she is bound to react negatively. A girl didn’t have to worry if she was wearing perfume, or using body sprays, and roll-ons, once she advances to the adolescent stage; she begins to grow hair in certain places and needs to pay more attention to personal hygiene.

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Permit me to reminisce a little, my mother went out one faithful morning and returned with some sets of brassieres. I tried one on and probably vowed never to wear bra again because I felt uncomfortable.  How I dreaded wearing braziers, so I settled for bra tops because they could pass for mini bras. And then at some point, my nipples stopped cooperating with me; they would stand and shoot out like soldiers on a mission. My mother didn’t have to cajole me to wear the braziers I had discarded, though I still feel a little discomfort when I wear them for many hours.

Another striking reality that comes with adolescence is the dramatic appearance of the menstrual flow; it is regarded as a joyous thing. This they say is the sign and seal to womanhood and motherhood. No woman could conceive a child without her periodic menstrual flow. In this part of the world, you are celebrated but shielded when you start menstruating. Celebrated for becoming a woman and shielded so you would not be put in the family way until you are mature to handle pregnancy. I particular disliked the menstrual cycle as a teenager, I just couldn’t accept the fact that I had to pay a little more attention to this body of mine. I developed a strong bond with the calendar since I didn’t plan to go through the ordeal of getting stained in the public.

Perhaps, if someone had educated me about menstruation and other changes that come with puberty, I would have reacted differently. Now I know it is part of the total package; it is a seal to womanhood. So, it is no longer a burden but a blessing, and I am proud to me a ‘wo-man’.

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To be continued…

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