Top Five Things you shouldn’t do on a First Date

Going out on a date is one of the many courting rituals that the human society observes. It usually starts when you, the man, ask the girl to go out with you to a chosen location. It’s usually quite simple, and it often moves along with no hassles. Although, if it’s the first date, things tend to get a bit more complicated.

The reason behind this is that on a first date, it is your first time expressing what might be a romantic interest in the person. If you don’t know each other very well, there might be that unnerving need to impress, which will make one or both of you self-conscious. As such, during the first date, many people are prone to committing errors. 

However, there are some mistakes you shouldn’t let yourself make on a first date. It could very well spell an end to a potentially good relationship/friendship. To help you out, we’ll be sharing five of them.

  1. Do not be sarcastic or condescending

Admittedly, some people have darker senses of humour than some others. They tend to have fun by pointing out the logical inconsistencies in your speech. If you are that type of person, you might argue that it isn’t a sign of narcissism and that you’re just having fun. However, your date might not know that. So, hold off on the sarcasm until you are both well-acquainted and comfortable with each other.

  1. Do not brag

No matter how well you are doing, try not to brag about it. Only about one out of every ten (or maybe even 100) women actually finds it attractive. If you want to hint at your better qualities, find creative ways to guide the conversation in that direction.

  1. Do not interrupt your date incessantly

Nobody likes being interrupted often. If you’re taking her out on a date, you might as well allow her to speak. So, while she’s talking to you, be a gentleman and just listen. Nod and respond accordingly, but don’t brashly jump into her sentence whenever you feel an itch in your throat.

  1. Do not be rude to your waiter

This isn’t just something to keep in mind for a first date. Being kind to others should be one of your core values. If you are rude to your waiter, it paints you out as a generally unpleasant person, and she might not want to have any further encounters with you.

  1. Do not talk about your ex

If you are romantically interested in the girl you’ve taken out, you should definitely not talk about your ex. Some girls are curious, and she might ask you. However, even if she does, say only what is necessary, never fully delving into the topic. The last thing you want to do is to start reopening old wounds in front of a person you only just met.


First dates don’t have to be that difficult to pull off. Even if you can’t remember all five tips here, don’t forget to read her body language. It’ll tell you when you’re doing something wrong, and you can quickly correct yourself.

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