Take a Stand in New Faith and Courage

Saints, we have come through a season that has pressed us on many sides. By the grace of God, however, we have also seen how to live more fully in the freedom we have in Christ, and have learned to walk more deeply in the principles that will unlock destiny and advancement. One of these is the principle of discretion.


Discretion is needed frantically at a time of breakthrough and acceleration. In Acts 12 an old foe, the spirit of Herod, rose up once again to cause trouble and consternation for the body of Christ. This demonic, governmental spirit tends to raise its ugly head at times of great transition and during key moves of God.

It had risen up previously at the birth of Jesus, seizing an opportunity it gained when the magi from the East lacked discretion and gave information to the wrong person, Herod the Great.

Courage and faith with intercession

At that time, it was bloodthirsty and looked to devour the life of our Lord. Unsatisfied, it then resurfaced in one of Herod the Great’s descendants, Herod Agrippa, during the early stages of the formation of the Church. This time, it sought the blood of the Apostles. Having already shed the blood of James, one of the apostolic fathers of the Church, it then went after apostle Peter during the “Days of Unleavened Bread.”

Peter was placed in a prison to be held until a time of execution, while the Church interceded for his life.

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I see Jesus putting his hand on people’s hearts and just marking them for His fellowship and kindness as never before. Take a stand in intercession with new courage and faith today and expect a turnaround in that age-long challenge.

Source: The Revelation Media