Tip of the Day – Multiple Uses of Toothpaste

We all use toothpaste to keep our teeth clean and shinning, but do you know you can use it for other purposes too and save some money?  Here are my compilation on 12 other uses of toothpaste:

  1. Stain remover: Is that lipstick stain on your handkerchief proofing difficult to come off? Apply toothpaste to the area with a little water and gently rub together. Continue rubbing until the stain comes off. Thereafter, wash as normal.
  2. Kitchen chrome and sink cleaner: Is your kitchen aluminum sink looking dull and you want it to shine again? Simply apply toothpaste to your iron sponge and scrub. Wipe clean with a wet cloth to reveal a bright, sparkling sink.
  3. Cooking Pot shiner: Want to bring the shine back to your aluminum pots? Wet it, apply some toothpaste and scrub with your iron sponge.
  4. Mosquito or other insect bite: I learnt this while in the boarding school. Apply a small amount to the area. It takes the itchiness away.
  5. Pimple treatment: Did you wake up to find a pimple on your face? Worry no more, simply apply a small amount to it. It dries the pimple within a day / two.
  6. Baby bottle cleaner: Does your baby bottle/cup have this sour milk smell? Scrub clean with a little amount of toothpaste for fresh smelling bottles.
  7. Hair gel: This was another tip I learnt in boarding school. Is your hair sticking out and you don’t have hair gel? Well apply toothpaste to keep the hair in place.
  8. Remove pungent smell from your hands: Onion or fishy smell on your hands? Wash clean with a bit of toothpaste.
  9. Clean your iron surface: I also learnt this in boarding school. Heat up your iron , unplug it, apply toothpaste to the surface and wipe clean.
  10. Repair scratched CD’s: I stumbled on this method recently, I was watching one of my favorites series and it kept skipping. After a few seconds of research, I learnt that washing the CD with toothpaste and cotton wool repairs all scratches. It sure worked well. So before you throw out those old CD’s of yours, try washing with toothpaste.
  11. Remove crayon stains from walls: People swear it works but I haven’t tried this. I plan trying it over the weekend. If you have active toddlers then you may find this tip useful. Gently rub a damp cloth with toothpaste on the affected wall and watch the stains disappear.  However, it is best to test a small area  before using it on a larger spot, just to check if your paint gets affected.
  12. Car headlamp cleaner: Sometime last year, I paid a thousand Naira to get my headlamps cleaned. My colleague pointed out to me, that next time I should clean them with toothpaste, which I recently did and  was happy with the result.
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Do you have an interesting use for an everyday item? Feel free to share with us below.




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