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‘You can’t solve Nigeria’s problems operating outside your purpose’. Sam Adeyemi

‘You can’t treat your family as something that would take care of itself. It needs as much attention as your work.’ Sam Adeyemi

‘When we go through trials, what is in us is revealed – whether it be faith in God or faith itself.’ Sam Adeyemi

You are running with a vision, going on a mission, or burning with a passion, if you do not belong to any of these, life is reduced to a burden. — David Oyedepo

Knowledge is not marketable, it is skill that you market, skill is not a function of the papers you carry, it is a function of the tactics, and the strategies you engage in handling your assignment. — David Oyedepo

There is no mountain anywhere everyman ignorance is his own mountain– David Oyedepo

When you know little more than others you will lead them without stress — David Oyedepo

Staying in the word of God will make you be on top of the world. — David Oyedepo

Nothing is more valuable than insight in the journey of life–David Oyedepo

If you leave your life to chance, you don’t have a chance. — David Oyedepo

When you stop thinking, you start stinking, because it is the thinkers’ world. — David Oyedepo

You cannot be committed and not be creative, you cannot be creative and not be productive and you cannot be productive and not be successful and you cannot be outstandingly successful and not be impactful — David Oyedepo

You can’t live in the midst of noise and make the most of the treasure called the mind. David Oyedepo

Dedication is the mystery behind distinction. How dedicated you are determines how distinguished you will ever become in the kingdom. –David Oyedepo

A change of status begins with a change of desire — David Oyedepo

Until something changes within you nothing changes around you — David Oyedepo

Don’t assume knowledge, consciously acquire it. –David Oyedepo

“If you do not praise God when you are at peace, you will praise Him when you are in trouble” Pastor E.A Adeboye

“Thanksgiving is the glue that helps to firmly attach your blessings to you. Without it, your blessing may be lost.” Pastor E.A Adeboye

“If you know how to give God some aroma through praises, he will make your life more appealing and attractive.” Pastor E.A Adeboye

“Being thankless and unappreciative has a negative impact on the human heart.” Pastor E.A Adeboye

“The devil will not stay where they are praising God.” Pastor E.A Adeboye

“When you praise God, He draws near. When God draws near, then the devil will run away.” Pastor E.A Adeboye

“Sometimes, all you need to do in order to get your miracles Is to praise Him” Pastor E.A Adeboye

“Praise is a powerful instrument. It attracts God’s presence. If you have been struggling with a problem, try praise. It can change your life because as you praise God, the earth releases her increase and you will be blessed. Pastor E.A Adeboye

“Do you know that if you can rejoice, offer God thanksgiving and praises right from your heart, the Holy Ghost will begin to move?” Pastor E.A Adeboye

“If those who appear to have nothing to thank God for still find reason to Thank Him, what about you?” Pastor E.A Adeboye

“When in trouble, praise and thank God. To show a higher level of faith, actually sleep off the problem. This shows you trust God to sort it out.” Pastor E.A Adeboye

“Anyone who does not know how to be grateful to God may never enjoy permanent victory.”

“Let somebody Shout Halleluyah” Pastor E.A Adeboye

‘Until you are planted, your outer shell will not reveal the glory of your inner core’ Paul Adefarasin

‘God will not beat you for what you got wrong, He blesses you for what Christ got right. It’s all about His grace. Paul Adefarasin

You put your faith out for something never get discouraged, the contradictory circumstance is the feedback indicating d adjustment you need. Poju Oyemade

“successful people are the failures that refuse to quit, while failures are successful people that quit easily.” Sam Adeyemi

Once you enter into the realm of joy produced solely by the light of Scriptures, you have stepped out of the natural into the supernatural Poju Oyemade

“When you pray believe you have received then meditate only on thoughts that give life to your answer and act on the ideas that come to you” Poju Oyemade

“What did I relearn today? If you see a new opportunity seize it first and then figure out later how to finance it. Don’t let it slip from you” Poju Oyemade