Thousands Set to attend the Largest UK Evangelism Event since Billy Graham

Thousands opened their heart to the gospel message in Britain at the UK’s largest evangelism event since Billy Graham decades event ago; the people put their trust in God. This event will charge Christians across United Kingdom to share the world of God. Evangelist J. John travels around the world to share the good news of Christ, which brought about the one-day event in UK, at Emirate Stadium tagged JustOne. People were charged to come along with one person with the belief that the crowd will double.

The worship was led by high profile artists, the likes of Matt Redman, Hillsong London, and Noel Robinson. Canon Andrew White, Julia Immonen, Lord Michael Hastings, and Linvoy Primus ministered to the people.

“I would be delighted if 4,000 or more people responded on the day, but let us see what the Holy Spirit does,” because mass evangelism reminds the world that church is not dead.

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