The Power of Action

Action is the most important of all powers in Success Principles. You may have all the knowledge in the world, but if you do not take any action and apply that knowledge, there is no use of it.

Knowledge without action is delusion

Knowledge with action is Power.

You may have a dream, might even have faith, but if you do not take any action towards it, nothing will come out of it. Perhaps you have a dream of running your own organization, and you only keep on saying that I want to have my own organization, I want to have my own organization, but do not make any efforts towards it, what will happen? The answer is ‘Nothing.’

Mercedes Benz is a good car, but it is powerless, till someone sits in it and turns on the engine. It is when the engine is in action that the car starts moving and people look at it as it passes by.

You know why majority of people never reach their full potential and excel in life? Why they spend a life of mediocrity? It is because of two reasons; first they do not have a dream backed with faith and second even if they do have a dream they never take any action.

There are great numbers of talents in this world. There are more people who go to their graves with their music still inside them. They spend their entire life doing something they hate doing, living in the place they don’t like, driving the only car they can afford. They keep on wishing; ‘I wish I had more money,’ ‘Oh! I wish had a better job’, ‘I wish I had better education.’ The problem is that they keep on wishing, but they never turn their wishes to dreams and goals and never really take any action towards it.

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Why Action is so powerful? What happens when we take Action?

Action creates positive energy


Action is always positive. As soon as you take action, your physiology will change. You will feel energetic, and as a result your mind will become positive. Just imagine you have returned home after a hard day. You feel tiered and slumping in the couch. A friend calls you that he has two tickets for the hit movie you so much wanted to see. What happens, you spring up, wash your face, change your clothes and reach the movie hall as fresh as a daisy. So what happened? Your springing up was the action, washing your face and changing the clothes were the action that not only changed your physiology but also produced the required positive energy that washed out the negative, that is feeling tired.

Action removes fear

Most people do not take action because they have various kinds of fears. What is fear? Fear is F.E.A.R. i.e. ‘False Enemy Appearing Real.’ So, fear is an enemy that does not exist but it appears so real in our mind that we create a mental monster and are scared to take action. Paradoxically the only antidote to fear is Action.

We have fears in our mind because of either ignorance or because of our past failures that are rooted deep in our sub-conscious mind. When we take action we gain experience. And when actions produce results and we see ourselves performing the experience of failure in our sub-conscious mind is overwritten with an experience of success. In fact not taking action only strengthens our ignorance and our fear. This is how it works .

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I would like to share my personal experience. I had developed a fear for speaking in public during my high school. As a matter of fact, when the teacher used to ask me a question in front of entire class I used to start stammering, even though I knew the answer. One day, our teacher wrote a topic on the board and challenged anyone to come forward and speak on it. I was gripped with fear. But I decided that it has to be now or never. Without thinking, I raised my hand. When I reached the dais, and faced the class, my knees were shaking; my heart was thumping so hard that I felt it will come out of my mouth; my mouth felt dry. But I spoke. I had to fight for each word, but I spoke. And when I came back to my seat, the sense of accomplishment was enormous. After that I did not lose a single opportunity to speak in public. Each time I spoke, my fear died a little. And see I ultimately become a teacher, trainer and public speaker. Even today I feel a little nervous before I have to speak in front of total strangers, but never that paralysing fear.


Be brave. Bravery is not absence of fear, but doing something in spite of fear. Do the thing you fear and death of fear is inevitable. So, you have fear….take action.



Source: Success Attitude

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