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Fellow Christians,

I greet us in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ and I pray that His grace continues with us till we meet Him face to face. The world we find ourselves today is full of evil exhibitions of various kinds. I am very sure that God did not mean evil for us when He made us.

Prophet Jeremiah has on record that “His plan is of good and not evil“(Jeremiah 29.11).

The creations too testify that God is not evil in any nature. He is much more than good, He is perfect and His ways are exceedingly great! But contrary to this wonderful God and His cute attributes is the evil we find in this world. The evil I perceive was brought to earth by humans through their hearts!

The book of Jeremiah records that “the human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who can really know how bad it is?” (Jeremiah 17:9 ESV).

I suppose the prophet didn’t write this about this present generation, because he is not of ours. Rather he wrote to his Jewish community. But, this writing is very relevant to us today. It was as if the prophet knew about an evil nation called Nigeria before he wrote it! I admit that there are other nations too where evil has its flag, but I am a Nigerian, I can only write about my land!

Let us check through our land and see some evils that do happen! In our land, we have it on record that parents do use their children for money rituals. In fact, that’s a kind of norm in our community today. Every now and then, the government would  discover dangerous zones where lives have been taken. The Boko Haram kills without pity. They have killed in every second of the day both in the light and dark times. I have watched videos of various mass butchering by this demonic sect called Boko Haram in the Northern part of Nigeria.

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The prophet was right in his opinion that “human heart is deceitful above all things…” In his sad mood he expressed that the heart is “exceedingly corrupt”, and asked “who can know it”? Of a truth, the human heart is evil. You can never tell what the man standing by your side is capable of doing! Even the so call brothers and sisters, you can never imagine the kind of evil that may be traced to them!

The human heart is so corrupt that there’s hardly anyone to trust in this galaxy! I have seen evil pastors in this world. I have seen evil deacons and I have seen wicked church workers!

In fact, that a man attends Church doesn’t mean he is free from displaying evil characters. We have seen pastors that are occultic! In our land, we have it that some daddies in the Lord established their churches on “evil covenant” with the Ogbonis and other occultic sects.

The NET Version of Jeremiah 17.9 describes human heart as “incurably bad”, and further asks who can understand it? This portion of the Bible is not to scare us but to caution us not to put our trust in man, but God. God is the best option in all choices.

Man is corrupt, God is not! Man is dirty, God is not!

Man is evil, God is not!

The heart of man is too bad but that of God is pretty wonderful and perfect!

I beseech you brethren to trust God alone. Put not your trust in man; rather direct it to the One that was hung at Golgotha. I understand the struggles that we face as humans, yet, trusting human is much more disappointing! Only God should be trusted! Lastly, may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ help us through this evil world.

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I can be reached through @mayorbalogun on Twitter.