Thank God it’s Monday!

We hear and say it all the time, “Thank God it’s Friday”. The excitement in offices on Fridays is so strong you can almost touch it. You spend your weekend doing all sorts of activities. Then, as the weekend draws to an end, you feel a sense of gloom and anxiety settle over you as you think of the week ahead. What is it about Mondays that leaves people feeling like they swallowed a gloom pill? Even when they like their jobs, they find it difficult to shake off the Monday blues.

If you fall in this category, things don’t have to remain this way. Here are some simple, easy-to-follow tips that will leave you smiling as you prepare for the work week.


Keep yourself organized. From working with a to-do list on weekdays to ‘vegging out’ on weekends, it is very easy to lose track of time. Yes, you need to have fun on weekends, or catch up on some chores, or maybe just sleep in a little. Whatever it is you decide to do on weekends, make sure you do not lose track of time. Otherwise, you will feel like Monday snuck up on you when you weren’t paying attention. The secret is to try to maintain as much of your regular schedule as you can. Draw up a to-do list for weekends, if you must. That way, you know what activity fits in where and you still have enough time for everything.

Keep the personal items that you’ll need during the week by your side so you do not lose them. If you have a particular work bag, keep it organised. Don’t just throw things in at the last minute. This way, on Monday morning, you’re not searching frantically for your lost phone, wallet, or school/work ID.

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Get clothes and items ready the night before. Though this may result in your feeling a tad melancholic, but in the morning, you’ll feel better to be nice and prepared and fresh for the day.


Try not to sleep in or stay up too late during the weekend. True! The very thought of spending a whole day in bed may be very appealing, but it throws you completely out of sync. It is important for your healthy sleep routine that you sleep as much as your body needs and keep any additional sleep to a reasonable amount. Try not to sleep more than two hours past your average wake up time. In the same vein, try to keep to your usual bedtime each weekend night. While it may be tempting to stay up all night watching a movie, it will do your body and your state of mind no good to indulge in such on a Sunday night.


Just as important as the first two tips, look forward to and plan your next weekend. It certainly is not a bad idea to begin to plan your weekend from Monday. It gives you something to smile about while you go about the day’s activities. It also gives you ample time to remove or add activities as you go, that way, when Friday comes again, you have your weekend perfectly planned out. The idea is when you wake up on Monday morning, you should be excited enough to say, “Thank God it’s Monday!” with the same gusto you would normally use to welcome the weekend. Live each day with a smile because…life is beautiful!

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