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“While my husband and I believed God for the fruit of the womb, I had a dream where someone took my ovaries. When I woke up, we prayed about it but later, I discovered that I had stopped ovulating.

During Shiloh 2013, we were in one of the viewing centres in Abuja. In the course of one of the sessions, Bishop Oyedepo instructed us to dance like never before. I did!

Later, we came to Canaanland in 2014 and Shiloh was fast approaching. I said to myself, ‘I have not gotten my testimony, does it mean I will not come to Shiloh 2014 with my baby?’

During the service on October 5, 2014, the Bishop said that we should trust God for what we want Him to do and seek empowerment. He further said that if we do not take deliberate actions, we would not get our testimonies. Meanwhile, I had been praying and fasting regarding the fruit of the womb among other things, but I never took the issue of fruitfulness as a specific project on its own.

So, I took three days out, read the book, Winning Prayers authored by Bishop Oyedepo and located fifteen scriptures regarding fruitfulness. On the third day, which was a Wednesday, my husband and I were supposed to travel that day. However, I told him that we should attend the Mid-week Service because I wanted the Bishop’s shadow to go across me just like Peter’s shadow, which healed the sick. Then, my husband asked me if I was sure the Bishop would be in service. I told him that though I was not sure, but if it is God leading me, then I know that he would be there.

When I got to Church, I sat few spaces from where the Bishop would pass and positioned myself so that his shadow would touch mine. When he walked in, I focused on my shadow so that his shadow would pass mine and it did. Thereafter, I started thanking and praising God.

That same month, I took in and God gave us Samuel Enaworu to the glory of His name. Praise the Lord!”

Source: testimonies.ng