Ines Furume-Mangala shares a story  of redemption, miraculous encounters with God and unbelievably clear words from the Lord. But it wasn’t always that way.

Although she was raised in a faith-based home in Congo, Furume-Mangala explains that she was just going through the motions.

It wasn’t till God met her in a very broken period in her life that she started to wonder, perhaps there is more to God than what she knows.

Coming to God’s Presence

The Lord helped her understand that He wanted her to come to His presence, not just to request, but to also fellowship with Him.

“Then I was like, God, I’m sorry. I’m not worthy of You. I’m not worthy of You,” Furume-Mangala states. “Because I was seeing everything that I did wrong in my life. And then I was asking for forgiveness for all those steps, because I was found guilty in front of him. And then I heard, ‘but I love you.’

“He just repeats, ‘but I love you.’ … All the times that I felt rejected, all the times that I felt like I was not worthy, all the time that I was chasing the world to fulfill the need inside of me, He was feeling it,” she explains. “And I was like, I can’t keep this to myself.”

Rooted in the truth

From then onwards, Furume-Mangala’s relationship with the Lord was enriched by the community she located in the Life Center in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Her belief now and the basis of her mission moving forward is that “God is raising sons and daughter who are going to be rooted in the truth of who He is.”