Tale of a Christian Driver


Leaving the house wasn’t so easy for me at all. My landlord called us for a meeting early in the morning just because the fence collapsed due to one mighty rain that fell the previous day; Ordinary rain bringing down a fence, **arghhhh**.

Anyways we had the meeting and the long and short of the meeting was that we should contribute money to re-erect the fence, andI was like “Can’t you just send a memo instead of having meeting on a Sunday morning” **rolling my eyes**

I left the house hurriedly in my black Honda bullet car; yeah, I had to just tell you the type of car as a Lagos hustling humble guy. On getting to the major road, there was this little traffic, and I was like “not again, on a Sunday morning” screaming in my head.

We were moving slowly, bumper to bumper with a straight face. By the way, my mentor taught me the Lagos driving style, no slacking at all and don’t be scared of any type of horn from any vehicle, just keep moving. If you haven’t driven in Lagos, you are not a driver- you are just a car mover. Anyways, we kept moving slowly with everyone focused on the goal, just like they always tell us in church “Looking onto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith” We were looking onto the next movement.

It was at that point a yellow bus  driver decided to show his street skills by trying to shunt the line in front of me; I quickly left my church mind and carried on my Lagos street mind; I looked at his side and saw his conductor shouting, I could not hear him because I was wound up. His mouth was just moving; we were both waiting for the next movement, we were both ready to follow swiftly; alas the yellow bus hit me- Ah! I was mad, I stopped the car immediately, got down, started shouting at the driver “Se o ri e pe bayi” meaning “Is your head correct like this?” The driver didn’t get down; he was just saying I should have allowed him pass and those in the bus also. I was like “Are you kidding me, was I not on my lane, must he shunt the line?” That went on for like 5minutes causing bigger traffic until I just remembered Pastor Sam Adeyemi’s voice in my head saying “Free them, you are the bigger one”. I left them, and at this time the road was already free so I just allowed the air to blow away my anger and sweat.

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By the time I got to church, it was very late. Pastor was already on the pulpit probably just starting or in the middle. I didn’t know because I just didn’t get myself again. I sat at the back so not to distract the flow of people listening and receiving Rhema from Pastor Sam. As I sat, the AC blew a refreshing cool air that made me calm, by the way, I recommend that churches should install air conditioners because we cannot underestimate the power, it can even make the Spirit flow better and faster. Some churches will be placing a higher priority on pastor’s cushion chair than the comfort of the members, I shake my head. I didn’t say anything o, I just love my church.

Seated settled in church, I took a quick reflection on how I started my day, especially with the yellow bus. I asked myself “What could I have done differently to make the situation better?” I thought to myself “I could have allowed the bus go in my front and avoided the scratch” “I was the better, saner person” but I brought my level to his. I shouldn’t have done that. I have also learned that these danfo drivers go through a lot to make daily money, apparently, they are frustrated beings, and the more reason they behave the way they do.

As a Christian (Christ-like), I am supposed to make peace with all men; like seriously all men including that crazy driver, oh sorry I mean the danfo driver **roll eyes** … I think we should be Christ-like and make peace with all men no matter who they are.

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See you later in Traffic!

femidayo Odekunle

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