SUBJECT: A Traveling Spouse

Maybe your spouse travels a lot for work, gone perhaps two weeks per month. Never all at one time, just broken up over the course of the month.You would find this article helpful.

Sometimes marriages and relationships can fizzle out or become strained when life just gets too busy and stressful. The situation is even more unique, if your partner is away from home often.

That being said, it’s important for you to nurture your relationship often. Here are some thoughts…

1) Surprise your significant other with a love note

Put a love note (it could be as simple as a mushy greeting card) into your significant other’s brown-bagged lunch, or attach it to the bathroom mirror, some place that he won’t expect it. Ask him a question at the end of the note to encourage him to write a note back to you.

2) Establish a date-night

No matter how busy or tired you are, set aside one night a month–just for each other. Get it on the calendar. Your date could be a simple, romantic meal for you and your better half to enjoy together at home, or something more elaborate if you wish. Look through some old photo albums together and reminisce about past vacations, events and other times you spent together. Dust off your wedding album and look through that! Call the sitter or a friend to watch the kids, if applicable, so you can spend some quality time alone.

3) Skype each other

Friends of ours just got married. For the next six months, however, she is living in Finland to settle some matters, while her husband lives in the United States. To ensure their relationship continues to grow closer, they Skype (video conversations on the computer) every single day and catch up with each other. So, even though they’re miles apart, doing this keeps them closer than ever.

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4) Time for the two of you

When your spouse is home, I’m sure it’s very easy for you both to get caught up in the kids activities, and catch-up work. However, it is important that the two of you have a few moments to catch up too. Designate 20 minutes on the evenings your spouse is home as ‘HUSBAND AND WIFE’ time. During this time, you both give each other undivided attention while the kids so something else (like homework, or while they’re helping to wash the dinner dishes) and the TO DOs wait until after those 20 minutes are up.No interruptions allowed. During this time, go for a walk together, or do a quick work out together, or have a cup of cocoa together and just enjoy each other.


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