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“For two years, I suffered from partial stroke that defied all medical prescriptions. Thereafter, my son-in-law invited me to this Church and I came.

During one of the Sunday Services, I heard Bishop Oyedepo say that he can never be sick. At first, I wondered how someone could say such. However, I held on to that word, kept repeating it and stopped all my medications. Suddenly, every trace of stroke disappeared and I was made perfectly whole.

Also, for some time, I had challenges with my sight and was advised to visit an optician. When I did, I was diagnosed with glaucoma and told to go for surgery that would cost N400, 000. Immediately, my daughter-in-law told me to ignore the doctor’s report and apply the anointing oil daily, before going to bed. I obeyed. Meanwhile, I used recommended glasses for over five years. Miraculously, four months ago, I woke up to discover that God had healed me and I no longer needed the glasses. I give God all the glory!”

Patricia Yerima