Stop Complaining about Islamisation, Onaiyekan Urges Christians

The Metropolitan See of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, John Cardinal Onaiyekan, on Sunday challenged Christians to stand up to their faith and stop complaining about an uncertain islamisation agenda in the country.

Cardinal-Onaiyekan Onaiyekan gave the advice while delivering the homily at a solemn mass celebrated to mark the Feast of the Pentecost in Abuja.

He spoke against the background that the federal government-led by President Muhammadu Buhari is promoting a covert agenda to islamise Nigeria and enthrone a Jihadist regime.

He said: “Stand up to your faith and stop complaining about islamisation of Nigeria. Take that little girl (Leah Sharibu), still in the hands of terrorists in Yobe or wherever they may have taken her to, as an example.

“We should learn to stand up to our faith by telling whoever wants us to change ‘Whatever you want to do; go ahead and do. But, I am not going to change’.

“Very rarely will terrorists put guns to our heads and ask us to change. Most of the time, we may be tempted to compromise our faith in the midst of our normal working experiences; in our offices, businesses, relationships or communities. But these are the places we are expected to stand up to the gifts of the Holy Spirit and witness to the truth of the gospel in words and in deeds.

“Half of our population in Nigeria are Christians, the other half are Muslims. We should continue to pray to God to send the Holy Spirit to renew the face of our nation; so that, jointly, we can establish the good government God intends for us.

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“In all, the need for forgiveness is urgent (in our nation). The more wicked people have hurt us, the more we should have a spirit of forgiveness. The most natural reaction when we are hurt or hit is to hurt back or hit back, but that is not what Jesus has taught us,” he told Christian faithful

Credit: Vanguard

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