Special Invite to Ekklesia Summit 2016

Ekklesia Sumit

Dear Beloved,

Apostolic Salutations. May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be multiplied to you in the Knowledge of His Word. This letter comes with tremendous joy trusting it finds you and the vineyard that the Lord has trusted to you in great faithfulness.

Kingdom Lifeline Apostolic Ministries invites you to “The Ekklessia Summit 2016”, a 4-day Conference that promises to not only be profoundly insightful but power packed through the Apostolic Ministry of Apostle Robert Henderson (United States of America).

Brethren, the Ekklessia (Church) is God’s Judicial, Legislative assembly of Congressmen who are called to make strategic decisions and litigate through prayer in the heavenly court; thus, fulfilling the legal criteria for God to render verdict so that Heaven can invade earth. We need to see from the perspective of God’s Mindset concerning current trends in our society because, among other things, the love of many is waxing cold.

The state of the Country (pandemic corruption, economic collapse and lack of visionary leadership) is a reflection of the state of the Church. It challenges us to initiate a ‘New Wineskin’. This ‘New Wineskin’ indicates the emergence of a new leadership mindset and a changing of the guard from a Church mentality to Kingdom Mindset.
Our vision is to equip the emerging leadership with the mindset and blueprint to build accurately and be relevant to God in the formation of this new wineskin.

Robert Henderson is part of a pioneering process of the Apostolic Reformation. He currently leads two apostolic networks: the Global Apostolic Network, The International Apostolic Alliance, and is a member of The International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL) and is here on the invitation of the Nigerian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders in collaboration with Kingdom Lifeline Apostolic Ministries. He will be ministering at Guiding Light Assembly (GLA), Parkview Estate Ikoyi on Thursday the 7th, April 2016 from 10am.

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Apostle Robert Henderson will be here in Abuja from the 12th – 16th April, 2016 (Tue, Thurs, Fri) from 6pm daily and Sunday, 17th of April at 10am at The Lifeline Ekklesia, 31, 5th Avenue (Tai Solarin), Gwarimpa. Please join us as we fellowship with him.

We do hope that you and your leadership will grace us with your presence as we look forward to having a better and deeper insight into The Ekklesia.

Should you desire to contact us for more information, please contact us on, or +234809 857 2619, +234803 452 4601, +234803 598 7110.

We eagerly look forward and anticipate your presence.

Yours for His Kingdom,

Adefarasin Michael Adeyemi (Apostle)
6 first Avenue,
Gwarinpa, Abuja.
+234809 857 2619
+234805 394 4487

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