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Rev Solomon Ojigiri, the General Overseer of Ever Winning Faith Ministries Lagos, charges Christians to respect and honour their spouses because it is commanded by God. The singles should not get engaged to a person that will be a source of grief to their biological or spiritual parents, this was said at the singles and couples seminar in his church. Ojigiri said: “We need to honor God as the subject of honor is one thing that can’t be over emphasized. People don’t know what it means to actually respect God, respect men of God, respect parents and respect spouses.”

Honoring your spouse is honoring yourself. If you dishonor him/her, no one will do the honor; honor your spouse before others will.” no matter the level of your education, experiences, affluence, wealth, exposure, you still need to honor your spouse and the greatest problem of every marriage is ignorance and not lack of communication as most people believe. He said.

Ojigiri said most people don’t go to seminars or schools before they get married and after marriage they still won’t go for seminars or read motivational books whereas there is need to get knowledge. He advised men to provide for their wives, stating before anyone get married, a man should have steady job and be able to feed at least three people.  These people, he said, include “yourself, your wife and the one that will come nine months after. A man without a job is not ready for marriage.”

He encouraged them not to talk down on their wives as if they are maids, according to him: “You must have a sense of equality that won’t let you say things you ought not to say.” He admonished men to create atmosphere of laughter and excitement at home, saying “let it not be that your wife or children are always in hiding or careful whenever you are around.”



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