The Remnants Fellowship Prayer Schedule Dec-Feb 2017

Prayer warrior


Beloved Watchmen,         

This is a sensitive season for Nigeria and requires a lot of prayers. To touch all areas in detail, in the next two and half months therefore, we will adopt a prayer schedule that deals with particular mountains each day of the week.


Individuals and groups are expected to pray for one hour every night. This program is for the entire Body of Christ, as such, you can get your group to key in using the format below.



  1. Pray these points for the next two and half months
  2. Start with worship songs of your choice
  3. Take the Daily Worship Proclamations and Repentance Prayers before the prayers for the day
  4. Command the morning at the end of the prayer for the day
  5. The hours of prayer are midnight to 6 a.m. Pick any 1 hour

May the Lord make us a defended city as we till in His vineyard in Jesus name.





Commanding the morning: Ps.5:1-3; Job38:12-13

  • Lord, I have set You before me this morning. Be at my right hand that I be not moved (Ps.16:8).
  • My Father, anything You have not planted in the heavens, let them be uprooted in Jesus’ Name.
  • Oh Lord, let the wicked be shaken out of our heavens in Jesus’ Name.
  • Oh sun, as you are coming out today, uproot in you every wickedness targeted against our lives in Jesus’ Name.
  • Declare: Is.60:20: “My sun shall no longer go down, Nor shall my moon withdraw itself; For the Lord will be my everlasting light, And the days of my mourning are ended.”
  • You this day (mention the day of the week and the date), you will not destroy our prosperity in Jesus’ Name. Amen
  • O Lord, release the Angels of Goodness and Mercy to follow us today and enforce the will of God concerning our lives and to bring all our God-given packages IJN.
  • Num.6:23-24: Mention all members of your Intercessory Core Team by name and bless them.
  • Thank the Lord for answered prayers and eulogise Him who inscribed His majesty in the heavens.



Worship Songs

Worship, Thanksgiving and Praise for the day


Worship, Thanksgiving and Praise.

-          Gen.1:26-29; Rev.4:1-11; Ps.8; Ps.103; Ps.106.

-           Worship the Lord for His good thoughts in choosing to create man in His image.

-           Thank Him for His great sacrifice in sending His Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross to reconcile man to Himself. Jn.3:16

-           Thank the Lord for sending us His Spirit to adopt us into His family. Rom8:14-15.

-           Declare His purpose that man will still manifest as His sons in spite of the enemy’s schemes. Rom8:19

-           Re-affirm God’s purpose that the heaven and earth will reflect His glory. Hab3:3

-           War against the powers depriving the church and Christians from freedom of worship. Ps.18; Ps.22

-           Take authority over the religious spirits that cover the eyes of the people from the knowledge of the true God. Is.25:7; 2 Cor.4:4.

-           Is.47: Take authority over Apollyon, the spirit of religion and the powers of the Jezebelian and witchcraft spirits and cast away their influence from the church and the nation.

-          Declare Mic.4:1-4 over the Church and the nation.

-           Pray against the hindrances that are preventing believers from having dominion over the mountain of religion including rebellion, contrary thought patterns, evil covenants and ordinances, evil altars and occultism.

-           Take authority over evil altars that promote idolatry and cut them off. Acts17:16; Zech.13:2

-           Exercise the authority given by the Lord to the Church and close the gate of idolatry and false worship. Is.22:20-24; Matt.16:18-19; Matt.18:18

-           Nah.3:4-6: Take authority over the Queen of Heaven and cut off her influence from the Church.

-           Eph.1:18-23: Pray for revelation knowledge to multiply in the Church; that the Church will have understanding of the times and seasons.

-           Pray for unity of the Church according to the will of God Jn.17:20-23; Eph.4:3-6

-           Pray for the manifestation and establishment of the five-fold ministry.Eph.4:11-13

-           Pray for order in the church.

-           Pray in the Spirit for the coming of the Holy Spirit as a person according to the prophetic word of God to Africa and especially Nigeria. Zech.10:1; Jl.2:28-32.


Pray For The Remnants Fellowship: For God to deliver us from these three sets of people – a) Those that covenant themselves to the devil to destroy us and God’s purpose (Acts23:13-14); b) Those that say the time is not yet ripe for us to manifest (Ezk.11:1-4); c) Those that want to destroy us because of our star which they have seen and those who want to stop God’s purpose on earth (Matt.2:13).

-           Pray also for every battle raging against us to be scattered; For every evil arrow fired into our lives to backfire; For every obstacle on our path of victory to be scattered in Jesus name.

  1. a) Pray that God will continually refresh us with His anointing so that we will not be weary (Is.40:31);
  2. b) That God will grant us favour before the groups/ individuals we will partner with for God’s work;
  3. c) That every obstacle on the path of success will be uprooted;
  4. d) That God’s mind for our lives that He has communicated through his prophets will be fulfilled;
  5. e) That our rods MUST bud and blossom this season (Is. 27:6, Num. 17:5,8).

-           Pray for synergy in the various groups that the Lord is raising for the Nigeria project.

-           Pray for financial resources for Remnants to fulfil God’s assignments for her.


Command the morning





Worship Songs

Worship, Thanksgiving and Praise for the day



Worship, Thanksgiving and Praise for the day

-          Is.9:6-7: Worship the Lord for His word that the government of the nations will rest on His shoulder (The Church)

-          Ps.148: High Praise from creation

-           Mic.4:1-4: Give thanks for His assurance that Christ’s reign will usher in peace.

-          Worship Him in tongues and other languages for His goodness and mercy

-           Bring repentance for the sins of idolatry, rebellion, godlessness, wickedness and injustice that are the hallmark of the mountain of government.

-           Bring repentance for the idolatrous altars raised all over Nigeria which have hindered the move of God.

-           Bring repentance for the audacious attempts by the leadership to re-awaken ancient Thrones and Gates as a means of exercising political control over the people.

-           Ask the Lord to bring judgment on the idols, altars and the idolatrous priests in Nigeria and their collaborators and human agents. Ps.94:20.

-           Is.14:2-4: Take authority over Lucifer, the principality on the mountain of Religion

-           Ps.94:20-23: Take authority over the thrones of iniquity and idolatrous Altars raised by the wicked to sustain satanic rule.

-           Is.27:1: Take authority over the leviathan spirit and bind his influence over our nation.

-           Ps.149: proclaim the written judgment of God against the wicked that they will not go un-punished,

-          Proclaim Job20:5-29 against these categories of the wicked in our land:

  • Those who raise Altars of Blood as Thrones of iniquity to perpetuate satanic rule.
  • Those who make covenants with Satan to frustrate the agenda of God.
  • Those who sponsor and those who shed innocent blood.
  • Those who plunder our nation for selfish reasons.
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-           Ps.18: Pray in the spirit and war against altars raised in the sea to empower the wicked.

-           Pray against the hindrances that are preventing believers from having dominion over the mountain of government, including: power blocks, evil covenants and ordinances, evil altars and occultism, tribalism and bigotry, idolatry and godlessness.

-           Rom.8:19: Pray for the manifestation of the sons of God on the mountain of Government.

-           2Sam.23:3: Pray that those who meet God’s requirement for leadership will come into the positions at every level including Local Governments, State Governments and the Federal Levels in all tiers of Government.

-           Ps.78:72: Pray that the spirit of boldness will come upon those that God has called to government and that they will do all that is necessary in consecration, training and discipleship to ascend the thrones prepared for them. That, like David, they will combine integrity (character) and skill.

-           Ask God for angelic assistance; let Him release the Chariots and Angels to assist the Church in getting rid of the network of cabals, evil doers, mischief makers, etc. Let them search all towns/villages of the 36 states and Abuja FCT with His candles and fish out all loyal soldiers of Satan; the sorcerers, enchanters, troublers of Nigeria and slay them; let the stumbling blocks, troublers of the nation, evil leaders and the wicked burn like stubble and be totally consumed (Zeph1:12).

-          Ask that the Lord will release to His chosen the political vision, strategies, platform, resources, etc. needed to effectively carry the Government of the land on their shoulders. 

-           Lam.5:1-22: Bring a strong lamentation before God asking him to deliver His inheritance from the Northern Army.

-           Ps.76:1-6; Ask the Lord to cut off the chariot and the horse of Islamic fundamentalism troubling the land.

-           Ps.122:5: Remind the Lord of His promise that He will raise a David to sit on the Throne of Government in Nigeria. Ask the Lord to do whatever it takes to bring this to fulfilment.

-           Pray for unity of purpose among Christians. That they will respond to God’s yearning that they will be united in purpose and co-operate with the Lord in His plans to change the political equation in Nigeria.

-           Ps.55:9: Pray asking the Lord to divide the tongue of the wicked and bring to nought all their scheming towards 2019. Declare that only the Lord’s counsel will prevail (Pr.19:21).

-           Pray for the Spirit of the living God to fall upon the king (appointed) for the throne. Let the mantle fall on him/her soon IJN.

-           Dethrone every person that has been crowned in the satanic kingdom and enthrone’ King David’.

-           Keep asking God for the ‘David’ even when his emergence seems inconceivable.

-           Ask God to release more grace unto His Saints to pay the required price, to persevere and keep praying until something happens. Help us, O Lord, to be still even when by sight we are not seeing the manifestation of Your word. Perfect, establish, strengthen and settle us this season (1 Peter 5:10).

-           Pray for God to hasten to perform His word. He should not tarry any longer lest our hearts grow cold.

-           There are Christian leaders who are gathering to trade God’s purpose for a pot of porridge. Cut off their influence over the people and turn their counsel into foolishness so that God’s people will hear His voice directly. Pray that He will expose, disgrace and destroy the irredeemable ones”.

-           Pray that the eyes of your understanding will be enlightened this season to ‘see’ the new thing that the Lord is doing (Ephesians 1: 17-18, Isaiah 43:19).

-           Jer.22:29-30: Command the earth of Nigeria to be hostile to all who oppose the plans of God. Let the earth work against them. Let the air work against them and let all creation line up in opposition to their evil plan.

-           Invite the Lord Jesus Christ to take over Nigeria and establish His Throne for ever.


Pray for the Remnants Fellowship

Commanding the morning


Worship Songs

Worship, Thanksgiving and Praise for the day



Worship, Thanksgiving and Praise for the day

-          Ps.103: Thank the Lord for His manifold blessings upon the land.

-          Ps.67: Ask the Lord to be merciful over His inheritance.

-           Bring repentance for the injustice and greed that is the hallmark of the mountain of economy.

-           Bring repentance for corruption, idolatry, injustice, wickedness and exploitation and ask Him for mercy.

-           Is.11: proclaim His promise that the earth will be renewed as a result of the reign of Christ.

-          Ps.46:1-11: Fight in the mountains:

-          Ps.Ps.24: Fight in the Valleys

-          Ps.13: fight in the Graveyards

-          Fight in the Seas.

-           Take authority over all evil altars in the junctions, in the markets and in every market place that have been raised to give advantage to the wicked.

-           Use the blood of Jesus to neutralise every sacrifice and command creation not to yield its strength to satanic altars again.

-           Prayerfully tear down the thickets on the path of covenant Christians on the economy mountain: corruption, idolatry, power blocks, capital, skill, inexperience, and mind-set.

-           Lk.10:19: Take authority over and displace the reigning principalities, powers and rulers of darkness on top of the economy mountain with their agents: Mammon, Leviathan, goddess of fertility, Sango, Ogun, Olokun, Occultism, Necromancy, Sorcery, Witchcraft, Prognostication, Freemasonry, Ogboni, Amorc, etc.

-          Ps.44:1-26: Ask the Lord to give you the land in your area of calling.

-           Jer. 51:25-26 Ask God to cause a shaking in all sectors of the economy; let Him uproot, destroy, overthrow, remove the mighty men, the men of war, the cabals, the corrupt people, selfish ambitious men and women, satanic princes, sorcerers, enchanters,  occultists, etc.; let Him dig their graves and bury the enemies of progress!!!. Dt.33:24: Pray that the Lord will raise giants from among His own to replace them and for them to literally dip their feet in oil.

-           Job.15:34: Ask the Lord to judge bribery and corruption in Nigeria, expose all who are involved and bring them down.

-           Gen.1:3: Pray for the overthrow of the cabal that benefits from the inefficiency of the power sector. That the light of God will shine in that sector and proclaim that there will be light.

-           Pray for divine strategy to expose and possess the hidden riches promised by the Lord to His people in this season (Is.45:3; Dt.33:18-19). Repent of disobedience in the area of giving and waste of the Lord’s resources.

-          Pray for the Lord to increase your faith, divine insight, angelic assistance, tenacity.

-           Is.45:11: Ask the Lord for divine insight to see hidden opportunities that will translate to wealth in this season to fund His work and for the strength and resources to seize them.

-           Pray for the cancellation of evil laws and practices that work against Christians engaged in the economy mountain.

-           Is. 53:12: Ask the Lord to divide His people, who have made a covenant with Him by sacrifice, their portion with the great, and the spoil with the strong.

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Pray For the Remnants Fellowship


Commanding the morning





Worship Songs

Worship, Thanksgiving and Praise for the day



Worship, Thanksgiving and Praise for the day


-          Gen.1:28: Give thanks to the Lord for His three-fold blessing on the family: fruitfulness and multiplication, replenishment of the earth, subjugation of the earth (dominion over all things).

-          Offer repentance for the breakdown in family values, wrong relationships, and absentee parents.

-          Offer repentance for breakdown in family values and setting of wrong examples by parents.

-          Take authority over the spirit of rejection and Baal that works against the family.

-          Release the blood of Jesus as a bomb in covens where satanic plots are manufactured against families.

-          Rv.2:20: Take authority over the spirit of Jezebel that works against the order of God in families

-          Proclaim Eph.3:14-20 on the families

-          Mal.4:6: Pray for salvation of families and genuine reconciliation

-          Mal.2:15: Proclaim God’s purpose in setting up families (to raise godly offspring unto Himself) and declare that everything that contradicts this purpose will not take root including, homosexuality, same-sex relationships, single parenthood, immorality, godlessness, disorderliness.

-          3Jn:2 + Dt.28:1-14: Proclaim God’s blessings on families: Exaltation/Promotion, Good health, Reproductive ability, Prosperity, Victory, God’s favour and God’s friendship.

-          Ps.10:15: Proclaim God’s judgments against institutions that work against the family including: promoters of pornography, brothels, cigarette and alcohol manufacturers, etc. Ask God to search out their wicked devices and punish them severely.

-          Proclaim a judgment of desolation against altars of wickedness in your environment. Mention beer parlours, prostitution joints, clubs and such centres around you and command them to become desolate.

-          Pray that our government will have the wisdom and boldness to resist pressures from external countries to make laws that are anti-family and offensive to God, like allowing gay marriages etc.

-          Jn.17:20-23: Pray for unity in families and for this unity to extend to the Church.

-          Pray that families will be empowered to resist the wiles of the enemy and the lure into poverty related sins.

-          Ask the Lord to make Christian families into altars of prayer and intercession for the land.



Youth are the strength and future of a nation and there is need to inculcate in them – ethics, values, character and education. Statistics has it that over 45%- 48% of our population are youth.

  1. Bind the spirit of witchcraft, rebellion, violence, pornography, lawlessness, mammon, laziness, confusion, etc. reigning over our youth. Pray and release the youth of this nation from the influence of these spirits,(Isa. 49:24-26).
  2. Pray that the Lord rides on a swift cloud into our primary and secondary schools, Polytechnics, Universities, apprenticeships for artisans and other institutions and into the hearts of our youth. Pray commanding all oppressive demons to tremble at His presence. Pray to God to break and convict the hearts of these young ones with the things that break His Heart.
  3. With the abductions of Christian girls in Chibok and other parts of Nigeria by Boko Haram, Emirs, emergency ‘husbands’, IDP staff and law enforcement agents coupled with the wanton killings of our youth (including corpers), primary and secondary school children now live in fear and some may not return to school. Pray against the spirit of fear ruling over our schools. Ask God to protect these children. Stand against all forms of terror and intimidation targeted at our schools.
  4. Ask the Lord to expose, disgrace & judge all those sponsoring & promoting cultism in schools.
  5. Ask the Lord to deliver Nigeria from the veil of illiteracy.
  6. Pray that our youth will become productive & profitable to the nation.
  7. Pray that our youth & children shall be (i) as arrows in the hands of a warrior (ii)they shall not bring shame (iii)they shall speak with the enemies at the gate and (iv)they shall be as olive plants around their parents’ table, (Psalm 127:4 – 5; 128:3).
  8. Pray that our children be brought up by their parents in the way of the Lord so that when they grow up, they will not depart therefrom, (Prov. 22:6).
  9. Pray for the children who have become orphans; that the Lord becomes their Father.
  10. Pray that the youth become patriotic to national values.
  11. Pray that the youth become truly obedient to their parents (Ephesians 6:1 – 3), being willing to submit to mentors and accepting advice, not leaning on their own understanding. Prov. 3:5.


Pray For The Remnants Fellowship


Commanding the morning






Worship Songs

Worship, Thanksgiving and Praise for the day



Worship, Thanksgiving and Praise for the day


-          Ps.25:8-14: Worship the Lord for humbling Himself to teach us His ways and Covenants.

-          Ps.103:7: worship the Lord for revealing His ways and purposes to us.

-          Offer repentance for the misuse of education and its destructive influence on peoples and nations. “Lord I am sorry that our education has laid a foundation in us that question your authority in our lives as our creator (Darwin’s Theory of evolution, etc); Lord I ask you to break down those wrong foundations and build again proper foundations that are in line with your original pattern and ordination. Lord, continue to build on the rebuilt foundation, according to your own plan and purpose IJMN”.


-          Take authority over the spirit of Belial (Humanism) 1Sam.25:25 (The principality behind education) and Beelzebub Matt.12:24 (The power that spreads humanist education and its destructive influences). I decommission the multitude of demons you employ as your land army including familiar spirits and witches. I bind them and cast them away. I command their influence to cease, in Jesus Name.

-          Take authority over satanic agenda and ploys emanating from chambers of darkness to kill the educational system in Nigeria. Ask the Lord to cut off the perpetrators of such schemes.

-          Eph.4:17-19: take authority and bind the spirit that uses education to darken the minds of the people.

-          Col.2:8: take authority over the spirit of philosophy and human knowledge that is passed through education and declare deliverance from their clutches and holds.

-          Ps.33:6-12: Proclaim that the word of God will become the final authority in settling intellectual issues raised in our education including the issue of creation and the origin of man.

-          Pray for the empowerment of sons on this mountain who will have the wisdom and the boldness to introduce a God-centred curriculum in our schools.

-          Take authority over satanic cults that have been raised in schools to raise a new generation for Satan.

-          Pray for a fresh Revival to course through our universities according to prophecies declared by servants of God.

-          Renew the Altars of God raised in different institutions in Nigeria and pray that the Altars will begin to speak judgment and righteousness according to the will of God.

-          Release the blood of Jesus over educational institutions in Nigeria from Nursery to tertiary.

-          Pr.1:7: Pray for the fear of God to be rooted in our educational systems as the basis for true learning.

-          Jas.1:5: Cry out to God to release godly wisdom upon our young ones at all levels. Pray that they will have discernment to reject the destructive wisdom of the world.

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-          Col.1:9: Pray that the leaders will have revelation to understand God’s purpose for education which is to pass instructions on godliness. Dt.6:6-7

-          That leaders will have boldness to appoint prepared sons into the mountain tops of education.

-          That churches and ministries will have the means to adopt schools and influence them positively and in that way pass on the culture of the kingdom.

-          Pray in the spirit and cry to the Lord to save education in Nigeria.


Pray For The Remnants Fellowship


Commanding the morning







Worship Songs

Worship, Thanksgiving and Praise for the day



Worship, Thanksgiving and Praise for the day

-          Rv.4:1-11: Worship God and declare His sovereignty over the universe

-          Ps.99: High Praise

-          Ps.150: Give glory and honour to His name

-          Bring repentance for the pollution, compromise and corruption (sins against the body 1Cor.3:16-17) released on this mountain of Celebration, Arts and Culture. Lord I bring repentance for the foolishness and godlessness of our leaders in trying to re-awaken ancient thrones and traditional stools in the guise of masquerades and cultural carnivals.

-          Bring repentance for idolatrous practices by our leaders that gave Satan legal right over our nation including FESTAC 77, heathen and occult Festivals, etc.

-          Take authority over the spirit of seduction (Jezebellian spirit 2 Kng.9:30; Rev.2:20), that rules on this mountain and the Hivite spirits employed as Land Army.

-          Ps.94:20-23: Take authority over cultural practices instituted to increase satanic presence in the land.

-          Job.22:28: Issue a Decree that those satanic cultural practices and festivals, satanic carnivals, etc will no longer hold in Nigeria.

-          Zech.13:2: Ask God to cut off all idolatrous practices in the land.

-          Rv.4:9-11: Pray, enforcing God’s purpose for arts and culture to be used to glorify and honour Him.

-          2 Chr.20:22-23: Worship in spirit and sing Him a new song. Ask the Lord to fight our battles as you offer Him worship.

-          Remind the Lord of His promise to send ‘David’ to the remnant Church to teach us true worship.

-          Ask the Lord to pour out His Spirit on the ‘Davids’ of today who will lead the Church in worship.

-          Pray for the Lord to teach our young ones a new song that will draw them to Him.

-          2 Chr.5:13-14: Pray that the presence of the Lord will become so tangible in the Church that people will not be able to minister.

-          Jl.2:1-11: Ask the Lord to mobilise effective foot soldiers to do prayer walks in various environments until all these iniquities are erased from our nation.

-          Matt.18:19: That the Church will speak with one voice as a well organised orchestra.


Pray For the Remnants Fellowship


Commanding the morning





Worship Songs

Worship, Thanksgiving and Praise for the day



Worship, Thanksgiving and Praise for the day


-          Ps.100: Worship the Lord with adoration.

-          Ps.148: Call forth all creation to worship the Lord.

-          Offer repentance for the destructive influence and pollution of the media in spreading fear, godlessness, immorality and indifference to God.

-          Take authority over the spirit of Beelzebub (prince of flies) that rules on this mountain.

-          Eph.2:2: Bind the prince of the power of the air that spreads fear and unbelief through the media.

-          Dt.6:1-6: Pray that the media will fall into the hands of God’s people who will use it as a platform to spread the good news of the gospel and to communicate the commandments of God.

-          Make a proclamation calling forth Evangelists to take over this mountain of media and to spread good news on this mountain.

-          Plead the blood of Jesus over all the media houses in Nigeria and declare them instruments of Evangelism and Praise.


-          Call forth a Great Company of Publishers of the Word (Ps.68:11) on this mountain.

-          Pray that the government will have boldness to make policies that will regulate the moral content of programs spread through the media.

-          Pray for Christians called in this mountain to have boldness to start small as the Lord has promised to give this mountain to His sons in this season.


Personal Deliverance

  1. Thank God for His mighty power to save to the uttermost, for His power to deliver from any form of bondage.
  2. Confess your sins and those of your ancestors, especially those sins that link to evil powers, idolatry, polygamy, witchcraft, occultism, slave trade, ritual killing, human sacrifice etc.
  3. Put on the complete amour of God and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus.
  4. I release myself from every ancestral demonic pollution in Jesus name
  5. I release myself from every demonic pollution emanating from my parent’s religion in Jesus name
  6. I release myself from every demonic pollution emanating from my past involvement in any demonic religion in Jesus name
  7. I break loose from every idol and related association in Jesus name
  8. I release myself from every dream pollution in Jesus name
  9. All rivers, trees, forests, evil companions, evil pursuers, pictures of dead relatives/parents/friends/colleagues/classmates, spirit husbands/wives/children/parents/in-laws/friends, masquerades, snakes, lion, dogs, satanic animals/birds manipulated against me in my dreams or dreams of other people about me; be completely destroyed by the power in the blood of Jesus.
  10. Every evil plantation in my life come out with all your roots in Jesus name
  11. I disconnect any conscious or unconscious link with demonic caterers in Jesus name
  12. O Lord let all avenues to eat or drink spiritual poisons be closed in Jesus name
  13. All negative materials circulating in my blood stream, come out, catch fire in Jesus name
  14. I cut myself off from every spirit of ……( mention your place of birth, home town of both parents & that of your in-laws)
  15. I cut myself off from all tribal spirits, curses, evil covenants, satanic agreements & evil dedications.
  16. I cut myself off from every ancestral spirit, powers, curses, evil covenants, satanic agreements & evil dedications of my father’s house, mother’s house & the house of any family that I am connected to by blood or marriage in Jesus name.
  17. Every power of darkness following me about perish in Jesus name
  18. Let everything that has been transferred into my life by demonic laying on of hands lose its hold on me right now in Jesus name.
  19. I uproot from my life and foundation in the name of Jesus:

Poison of darkness, ancestral evil initiation, triangular trap, negative programming, bewitchment, sexual pollution, witchcraft, spirit of polygamy, evil family patterns, cultural bondage, mind fragmentation, family shame, vagabond anointing, marine spirits, premature death, spirit of defilement, snail anointing, failure at the edge of breakthroughs, poor finishing, spiritual blindness/deafness, familiar spirits, marital instability, strange voices, infirmity, spirit of the dead, demonic sacrifice.

  1. Blood of Jesus, Holy Ghost fire purge me.
  2. Father renew the right spirit in me.
  3. O Lord ignite my calling with your fire.


Pray For the Remnants Fellowship


Commanding the morning

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