The Refined Mind

There is no gainsaying the human mind is the mirror of the entire body; it is the control room. Our mind takes all the decisions and then sends signals to our body, which automatically obeys. It is strange, and equally interesting, to know that humanity has not come to terms with this discovery. The flesh takes the entire blame for human’s actions, frailties, display of weaknesses or strength. So, you hear words like; “I did it”, “I am the man”, “I have the power” and so on. May I chip in that before you could make these declarations, you must have settled these facts in your heart. That is, the victories started from your mind!

I had a little discussion with my teenage brother the other day about the influence the songs, movies, and books we digest have on us; and how they can either pollute or purify our minds. Immediately, he countered all I said, his take on this issue is that most of what we hear or see have no effect on us whatsoever, since they are for our pleasure and entertainment. What led to this conversation in the first place was that I found him watching one of the popular party tracks on the television, and I told him it was not healthy for his mind. As a typical teenager, he was no longer interested in the conversation, but I tried to make him see reason how we are influenced positively or negatively by the things we hear, read or watch.

The scripture says; “…he is a new creature: old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new”. This newness does not take effect until our minds go through thorough rejuvenation. The body remains subjective; it is our mind that is reformed daily. To this end, so many Christians never walk in peace, joy and freedom of their salvation. It is not that they have not been truly born again or that they did not really believe. The problem is not of thespirit; it is of the soul. Their minds have not been reformed or renewed; though their spirits have been recreated, their minds are still old.

We cannot be conformed to the world with its problems and failures, and then expect a total reformation, it does not work that way. Roman 12:2 says; “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is good and perfect will of God”. So many Christians struggle through life with negative attitudes; sin, divorce, depression and wonder why it is happening to them. Their image of God and of themselves is very negative, so they blame him for their short comings. The simple logic is that they are still conformed to the world, and their minds cannot discern what is good, acceptable and the perfect will of God.

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Reformation does not just entail reading the word of God; it is completely yielding to His precepts, which give us total liberation from the shackles of sin. The word of God is a sweet balm to the human soul; when we meditate on His words, they help us overcome negative desires and live in God’s perfect will.  As such, our minds are open to change per time, per season. The reformed mind is not hard-hearted or rigid; it does not always want to have its own way. It keeps learning; it does not give room for unholy thoughts; it is dedicated and committed to pleasing God and burying selfish desires. A continuous process like this produces a reformed mind, time and time again.

If you proclaim you are a Christian, do you have a lifestyle to back it up? A change through transformation and a conscious effort geared towards positive endeavors will make the difference. We have to realize that our record of success in one aspect of life does not necessarily mean we are successful. Embrace healthy thoughts, shun all appearances of evil and get rid of any bad attitude, which may derail your success. Remember, reforming the mind is beyond learning and changing oneself. It is more than just gaining new insights or information. The process of transformation involves letting go of any bad vices and embracing positive ones.

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