Here’s a recap of Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo’s Online Live Session With Pastor E.A. Adeboye




“I am so excited, because of the opportunity we have tonight – It is my greatest joy and privilege to be able to introduce to you, our father in Ministry, in the Lord.

“Forty (40) years ago, when I was a young Pastor – Sometimes I think I am Young, but I am not sure!

“Forty (40) years ago I was a “Young Pastor” – I was asked to interpret for him.

“When I was a Denominational Pastor, I had the Privilege to stand side by side with Daddy, and to interpret for him in the Country of Nigeria – the Previous Denomination where I belonged.

“Our father in Ministry, in the Lord; when he became the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God – taking over just about thirty (30) Churches. But today, with over thirty thousand Churches spread across over a hundred Nations.

“I have been a Christian for forty eight (48) Years (Since 1972) and I try as much as possible to know something about Church History.

“I do know; I have no recollection of anyone who has made the kind of Impact that he has made. Yet, I have never met anyone with his kind of Humility.

“As a matter of fact, he was not happy some years back, when we invited him for one of our programs and we used his academic title in our advertisements.

“He is such a tremendous Blessing to the Body of Christ.

“Tonight, is going to be a Night of Encounter for you; a Night of Blessing for you; a Night of Turnaround.

“In his simplicity of answering our questions and in his prayers for us, impacts would be made, and your life would never be the same again – Amen.

“It is my greatest Joy, to introduce to you tonight: our father, Pastor Enoch Adejare (and I must just say the middle names before I say the surname) – BABA ADEBOYE.

“Your welcome sir!

It is such a great privilege and honor to have you on our program tonight sir.”


Thank you very much Sir! God Bless you. Thank you for inviting us.


“I know you said you wanted to be very brief; so I’m just going to go straight to some of the questions that are on our hearts.

“In the few years that I have known you sir – one of the greatest virtues I have seen on your life; which I believe has been instrumental to the tremendous Impacts we have seen, is the “Grace of Prayer” which you carry. And the “Grace of Purity”.

“So, the questions which many Believers would like to ask you (if they had the privilege Sir) would be:

“1. Why are some Prayers not Answered yet? And why do some seem to take time to be Answered?

… That is our first (1st) Question tonight Sir.”


(Laughter!!) Thank you very much Sir. I think you are the one we should be asking that Question!

Well, the Almighty God promised to answer prayers. And all His promises are yea and Amen!

When He says: “Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you.”

He means EVERY BIT of it!

So, definitely, He answers prayers!

However, He did not say specifically – exactly when the answer would come.

So, some of the prayers that you say might not have been answered, probably, the answer might be on the way!

Alternatively, He might not answer a particular prayer the way we expect Him to answer them. Probably because He has something better, something bigger in store for the one asking in Prayer!

I mean, for example: I asked Him Passionately, to build me a Boys Quarters in Mushin (A Low Earner Part of Lagos State, Nigeria) when I became General Overseer; when I came from being an Acting Head of Department (Ag. HOD) of the Mathematics of the University of Ilorin.

And in Ilorin in those days; and I’m talking of 1980. There were so many houses that were unoccupied!

So, the House of a Head of Department (HOD) of the University was a Mansion! – In fact, my Boys Quarters had four (4) bedrooms.

And then I had to leave that, when I became General Overseer – to come and occupy a ROOM, in Mushin.

So, I cried to God; (because my family was coming over from Ilorin to join me) to build me a Boys Quarters.

Well, He never Answered that Prayer! Because He told me: Son, don’t ask for a house – I have decided to BUILD YOU A CITY.


Of course, at times, some Prayers might not be answered because of SIN – in the life of the one making the request.

Because the Bible says in Isaiah 59:1-2: That the hand of the Lord is not shorten that it cannot save; neither is ears heavy that He cannot hear. But it says our iniquities can separate between us and our God, that He won’t hear!

Now, if He doesn’t hear the Prayers – then automatically, He can’t answer it!

So, at times, the one who is Praying might be living in sin. And Lord God is saying: until you put your ways right, then I would delay the answer.

Otherwise, He would be rewarding sin, rewarding disobedience; And He is a Holy God – He won’t do such thing.


Thank you very much Sir! We will follow up on that one Sir. Another Question is:

2. Does Prayer has to be done in certain ways, for it to be answered? For example: louder or quietly. Is there any posture of prayer that makes prayer more effective?


I am sure that every Believer knows that God HEARS even the thought of your heart.

That you don’t have to shout – for Him to Hear!

You don’t have to kneel down – for Him to Hear!

You can Pray standing, you can Pray sitting, you Pray lying down.

However, I have said to those who say: Why must we Pray Loud?

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Because they say that after all, God is not DEAD! Well, I have told them that God is not NERVOUS either!

So, if we shout, He doesn’t say: Why are you shouting at Me?

And I have given them an illustration: I said, if there are three (3) People involved in a Motor Accident – And the three (3) of them are highly educated (Very Important People).

And they are taken to an Emergency Ward of an Hospital – Where there is only one (1) Doctor available to attend to them.

And the first (1st) one says: Well, the Doctor knows why I’m here – so he should know what to do! And he keeps his mouth shut.

And the second (2nd) one says: Well, I think I better say a word (1) or two (2) to the Doctor. But I must say it in a gentle manner because, after all, I’m an “Important Person”.

… And he says: Doctor, I need your your Help!

But the third (3rd) fellow forgets his Position – because he is in a “Critical Situation” and he wants help immediately.

He says: DOCTOR, HELP!!!

… I believed the Doctor is likely to attend to one Person!

So, when Peter found himself sinking, after he has been walking on water for a while. I’m not quite sure, when he cried to Jesus Christ for help – I’m not sure he prayed quietly.

… So it all depends on how urgently we need Help!

Probably that is my own little understanding of how to go about it sir!


Alright Sir! Thank you Sir.

When we look at the Bible, it is very clear enough that the God whom we serve – JEHOVAH, is Omnipotent, He is Omniscient (He knows all things) and He is All-Powerful.

So, the next Question they sent to me to ask you Sir is:

3. Do I need to Pray at all – Since God is the One who works on us both to WILL and to DO His Good Pleasures?


Well, the Bible is absolutely clear, it says: You have not, because you ask not!

Since the day God came to the Garden of Eden (in Genesis Chapter 3) and said to Adam: Why have you disobeyed Me? And Adam said: The woman You gave me – I didn’t ask you for a wife!

I was minding my own business; it was You who decided; You were the One who volunteered to give me the wife.

… The wife You gave me, is the cause of the disobedience!

I believed from that moment till now, the Almighty God will wait until you ask!

Don’t think that He doesn’t know what you Need.

Not that He is not ready to do it but the Bible says: You ask not, then you have not!

So, I believed God is waiting to hear you ASK.


Thank you so very much Sir!

4. What are the things to do to accelerate answers to prayers? Or what what are the barriers to be removed, so that our prayers are not delayed and we can have the answers?


Well, like I have said, once you are sure that by the Grace of God, you are living according to His will; and you know that what you are asking for is according to the will of God; then all you need to do is just go ahead and ask in Faith, believing that He would answer you – and He will.


Alright Sir!

As we look at your life, obviously – coming from an academic background: Suddenly into Ministry, suddenly becoming the person who “Unusual Grace” has rested upon.

There are many Pastors around the world; and by the way, our broadcast today are been watched in about Thirty (30) Nations.

The next question I want to ask is: For the Minister who says – I’m at a Crossroad; my work is not growing, my ministry is not making impact. I want to walk in the Supernatural; I have watched you, I have seen you. We have seen the Grace of God on your life:

5. What can we do that will may work the works of God easily?


Even that Question was asked by the Apostles (even while the Lord was with them).

And He said to them: all you need to do to work the works of God is to believe Him – That God accepts!

Then of course, I’m sure those people would have thought in their minds; of course we believed! – We believed that You are the Son of the Living God etc.

But I think the crux of the Matter is simply this Sir: When Jesus spoke to the Widow of Nain in Luke 7;11-15; I mean the Widow who was going to bury her only son. And Jesus said to her: ‘Weep Not!’ – It was because He had already made up His mind to remove what was causing the sorrow.

When He (Jesus) said to the man with the Withered Hand in Mark 3:1-5: ‘Stretch forth your hands!’ – It was because He had already decided He would supply the ability to stretch forth that Withered Hand.

Because if the hand is withered, it is useless, it cannot be moved.

He said to the man who was brought in by four (4) brothers through the roof – Because he was completely helpless; Paralysed from neck down.

When He said to that man: ‘Stand up! Take your bed and go home.’ – It was because He had decided that He would supply the ability for that man to stand up and be made completely Whole.

Now, the Lord said, in John 14:12; He said: “The Works that I do, you shall do also; and Greater Works than these, because I go to my Father.”

He also said in John 14:6 that: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” – He is the Truth, He does not lie.

So, when He said that the Works that He did we shall do also; and Greater Works than these, we shall do also also – It means that He has already made Provision to help us achieve what He says we will achieve.

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So, all I can say my Beloved Brethren is that: Let us act in Faith, leaving the rest to Him – Who is able to supply Resources necessary to achieve our Goals.

If there is any other thing I can add to that; it is like the Africans would say: “That all fingers are not created equal.”

And once we tell the Almighty God: I want to be the Best You created for me to be; we should rest on Him and wait for Him to fulfill that Purpose in our lives.

… That is about all I can say to that Sir!


We know very much of your commitment to a life of Fasting;

6. What Impact, what Role does Fasting Play;

i. When it comes to Prayer?

ii. When it comes to Ministry?

iii. And When it comes to working in the Supernatural?


Thank you very much Sir!

The word Fasting is a very rare word now in the Modern Age.

It seems as if only the “Old Fashioned People” still believe in Fasting because there are people who would tell us that fasting ended on the cross.

I’m a “Convinced Believer” in the “Finished Work” of the Lord on the Cross.

But I also heard Him say on one (1) occasion, when some people challenged him and said: Listen, the disciples of John are always Fasting – how come Your Own disciples are not Fasting?

He said to them: They can’t fast when the Bridegroom is with them. But a day is coming, when the Bridegroom would be taken away from them. He said: THEY WILL FAST IN THOSE DAYS!

I understand that to mean that He said that we will fast until He comes again!

And Paul, the Apostle of Grace himself said: He fasted often!

I believed that the role of fasting is simply based on the fact that the spirit and the flesh are constantly at loggerhead.

Anytime, for example, that you decided that you would fast from tomorrow; I can guarantee you that it is hunger that will wake you up!

And I know one Bishop who once said: I heard that Pastor Adeboye Fasted forty (40) Days and forty (40) Nights! So I decided, I would Fast forty (40) Days and forty (40) Nights.

He said, but on the twenty first (21st) day he heard a voice that said: Son, your Prayers have been answered! So he stopped Fasting after twenty one (21) days.

I spoke to him, I said: It is your belly that spoke to you, not the Lord (Laughter!)

Fasting is very good Sir, because it is like sharpening a knife! – When you sharpen a knife, the knife will be more effective in cutting.

The Word of God says that: If the axe is not sharp, then you have to apply MORE Strength.

If we Fast, we reduce the impact of the flesh on us; and if we reduce the impact of the flesh or the the influence of flesh; then the Spirit has the Freedom to flow more freely.

… And definitely, you need the Spirit of God to flow freely in working of Signs and Wonders for the Lord.

You need the Spirit of God to flow freely for the Church itself to Grow.

And then of course, you need the Spirit to flow freely so that you can even relate more closely with the Almighty God Himself.


Thank you so very much Sir!

I want to be a bit bold and say – we know that you Pray a lot.

7. Could you Please share with us, on one occasion when you Prayed the longest. How long were you in the Presence of the Lord?


Well, it is no secret, I think I have shared it before, there was a time – that was my first (1st) Year as General Overseer; that I got six (6) of my friends together, then we were seven (7).

We said were going to do quite a bit of Praying – Preparatory to the Assignment that God has given me – And we prayed for thirty (36) Hours; with very little breaks in between – five (5) minutes to go and ease ourselves.

When we did that, at the end of it, we were feeling very BIG – we thought we had done something Mighty!

I mean, when we prayed Day, Night, Day! – Thirty six (36) hours, we thought we had done something great.

But that very week, God enabled me to read about a man who prayed None-Stop for thirty (30) days and thirty (30) nights – That punctured my Balloon!


Please Sir, can you share with us who that person is sir? Sorry to interrupt you sir!


I think his name is David Bernard – The man that he did not sleep on his bed. He was crying to God Day and Night for thirty (30) days!

When I read that one, I discovered that I have not even started yet. I have not been able to come anywhere near him!

But at least, the man showed us the Way that whatever God had enabled us to achieve by His Grace, we can always go a little Higher.


Two (2) more Questions, before I ask you to share whatever is in your heart and then pray for us Sir.

The first Question would be sir that: Suddenly the world find itself in the place where we are now – Churches shutdown, Economy shutdown. But particularly Churches;

1. What should the Church learn from all these?

2. What is God saying about these?

3. What is the Future?


Well, Thank you very much Sir!

I believed very firmly that: Nothing happens without God knowing about it (in advanced!)

And for whatever happens, GOD HAS A PURPOSE!

1. I believed firmly that God allowed what happened to happen; so that the Church can Probably “Sit Up” and be drawn closer to God.

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2. I believed some of us are getting too busy running up and down.

Like somebody said to me: Sir, you don’t know how to sit down. God had to apply His Divine Rest on you – So you can sit down one (1) Place!

… I appreciated that!

3. I believed God wants the Church to even spend more time with Him in Fellowship; in Individual Fellowship.

Because, more than anything else; God Himself wants us to Himself!

We are to love Him with all our hearts, with all our souls, with all our strength; before we can even think of loving our neighbors like ourselves.

4. So I believed that Probably one (1) of the reasons why the Almighty God has allowed churches to be shutdown, and so on and so forth, is that We – His children can be drawn closer to Him to spend more time with Him.

5. But I believed there is another reason; this is me speaking – I’m not saying, Thus saith the Lord! – I believed the Almighty God wants to show the world that when all “Human Methods, Wisdom and Abilities” have failed; they will come to realize that it is God who is still in charge.

And my illustration to that would be: When you are in the world, you would see many nations far, far smaller than (say) Nigeria for example (in size): they have Science, they have Medicine, they have all manner of resources. But, this pandemic had killed tens of thousands among them.

But in Nigeria (for example) where the Advanced Nations of the world prophesied that when the pandemic comes to Africa we are going to be completely swallowed up!

In Nigeria as at today, the number of those who died is still far, far below a thousand (1,000).

Why? – Because there are some People who are PRAYING

6. So, I believed God is simply saying; spend more time with me – Pray!

I believed that the future will be alright; I believed that this crises would soon be over – as soon as we learn the Lessons that the Almighty God would want us to learn.


Alright Sir! I think I will put all the other questions aside and say;

Whatever message that the Lord has laid in your heart to minister to us. And then, to speak a prophetic Word into our lives – into lives of all the People across the thirty (30) Nations who are Watching and reading now on that Label of DMC Sir.


Well, Thank you very much Sir!

I would want to say to everyone of us, that during this period of the lockdown; we should seize the opportunity to ask the Almighty God to please speak to us; reveal to us what is His Purpose for our lives – What does He want us to become when we come out of the Lockdown?

Because after all, it was when Elijah was locked down in the Widow of Zarephath’s House, that he grew to become the Prophet who was the first (1st) ever – to Raise the dead!

It was when David was locked down in the Cave of Adullam, that all the Riffraff who gathered together to him – became Mighty Men!

It was when Joseph was locked down in Prison, that he progressed from being a Dreamer to an Interpreter of Dreams!

So, I will appeal to all of us, to say: Lord, show me exactly where You are taking me; and enable me Lord God Almighty, to maximize the opportunities afforded me by this Lockdown; so that I will come out of it; better, stronger, closer to You and even more Anointed.


Thank you so much Sir!

I will like you to just pray for everyone as you feel led; and speak a prophetic Word into our lives, Sir.


My Father and my God; I want to Thank You for this opportunity that You have given us to reach out to so many of Your children all over the world.

Father I’m Praying that: You would look down from Heaven and lay Your Mighty Hands on each and everyone of us – where ever we may be right now or reading on the Label of DMC.

I Pray Lord God Almighty, that You would send Your Light into our lives, that You will quicken our Understanding, that we will understand You much more than ever before.

Father I decree in the Name that is above every other names; that everyone of these Your children would receive Brand New Anointing; that they would come out of the Lockdown stronger, more powerful and closer to You!

Leaving this Lockdown to become Mighty Men of God; Giants for You; Doing great exploits for You Almighty God.

I Pray Lord God Almighty, that as a result of this our conversation of this particular day; there would be “Mighty Testimonies” in the lives of all Your children: in all their Ministries and Churches.

I Decree Lord God Almighty that everyone of them would be Singing a New Song by the time this Lockdown is over!

And please Lord, Bless Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo, Bless his family, Bless his Ministry, and move him from Glory to Glory!

In Jesus Mighty Name I have Prayed – AMEN!

… God Bless you Sir!



We are Most, Most grateful sir for the opportunity of having you with us tonight;

Thank you for Blessing us, Thank you for speaking into our lives. Thank you for making such a “Tremendous Impacts”.

It is not a light thing that you put aside everything to give us this opportunity to have your Presence Sir.

Thank you Sir!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.