Radical Rock Star, Jen Ledger Declares Love for Jesus

The Christian rock band Skillet, Jen Ledger had always been a hater of the christian faith. She said that this was due to the fact that some christian youth leaders and preachers do not lead a life worthy of the gospel that they claim to preach.

At her age 13, she had come to assume that Christians were hypocrites, basing this assessment on youth leaders and others at the time who weren’t living out the message that they were preaching.

Jen was born into a christian home where she was going to church every Sunday with her family.

She only took the act of going to church as a rite that had to be performed because, christian living had no meaning to them as a family.

And somehow along the line, she found herself disenchanted, “It made me think, ‘I don’t want to be a part of this. It just feels so fake,’” she recalled. “Religion felt gross to me. So, I walked away from everything.”

Her love for Jesus began to grow when her brother received a scholarship to attend a small music school in Wisconsin.

After he jumped across the pond to take his classes, Ledger said that something stunning happened: “he got completely, radically born again.” Ledger said, and he has “the perfect response to those who mock prayer amid tragedy.”

“This was like a party boy,” she said. “To hear him talk like this was like, ‘What happened to this guy?’

Her parents and older brother also accepted Jesus. And after Ledger’s mom took her to church one day, she, too, felt called to attend the same school of worship that her brothers went to in Wisconsin, where she truly discovered Jesus.

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“That’s when I really gave my life to Jesus, and it’s like everything became real to me,” she said. “Then and it went from religion to being filled with the spirit and hearing him speak and being led by him.”

13 months later, Ledger became a member of Skillet and she hasn’t looked back since.

Jen, who has spent the past decade playing the drums for Christian rock band Skillet, recently ventured out on her own to release her first solo album titled, “LEDGER”.

The rock star has also revealed that she’s on a mission to make a difference and to serve as a positive role model in an entertainment world that too often spews negativity.

Ledger said she believes God has placed her in the entertainment industry to be a beacon-a positive example amid scores of well-known people who are not following God’s path.

“My whole life is because of Him,” she said. “We need to be a light and when I look at the loudest voices, when I look at the people who are shaping our youths; gladly I’ll go in there.”

The rock star also spoke about the importance of influencing others, and encouraging people to remember the power of transforming individual lives. Her own story is evidence of how God can use a person to inspire and motivate others.

“Only God could have done any of it,” she acknowledged.

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