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In the name of Jesus, any form of curse hanging around your life, I declare them destroyed right now!

Every curse responsible for your career crisis, business failure, and marital frustration is declared destroyed today in the mighty name of Jesus!

The curses over your business and career are over today in the name of Jesus!

The curses of failure, diseases and sickness are declared over today!
Anyone that curses you or your children comes under the curse of God!
Every curse of stagnation, frustration and failure is cursed today!
Every curse of untimely death in your life is destroyed right now; you shall not die but live in Jesus’ name!
You will live long to enjoy the fruits of your labour!
Every work of the enemy standing against your advancement is destroyed today in Jesus’ name!
The battle over your life is declared over!
The curse of barreness, lack and want, stagnation is destroyed today!
Your marital destiny is settled today!
Welcome to your season of liberty!
You will live a curse free life from now onward!