Preacher Retreat Storms London


The 2016 edition of the Preacher Retreat London comes up between April 29 – May 1, 2016. The retreat is open for those actively in the ministry and those who have a call upon their lives to the ministry. This retreat will be a life shaping encounter for participants.

It will include a walk to famous Christian sites in the City of London, around the area of St Paul’s. There would also be a focus on Bible translators such as William Tyndale, John Rogers and John Wycliffe with reference to William Booth, John & Charles Wesley and other revivalist preachers/laymen. A visit to the British museum for a tour will provide information to the historical origins of the Bible.
Registration for the event is ongoing and it goes for £120.00 each for double occupancy and £190.00 each for single occupancy.

The Retreat will hold at Theobalds Park in Hertfordshire, London.

The Preacher is the name of a prophetic pen as well as the willing “company” of publishers (Psalm 68:11) that the Lord has raised to ink that Pen and circulate the words of its prophecy around the globe especially in print, and also by radio and on the web.

In the past three decades, like the voice in the wilderness, this epistolary ministry has regularly published millions of bulletins, magazines, and books on various aspects of Christian life, such as intercession, spiritual warfare, righteousness and holiness, Christian leadership, etc., all of which have been acclaimed best sellers and have served to inspire countless readers, among them notable leaders in the global Church.

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