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A strategy is a plan, method or a series of manoeuvres that you employ to achieve a specific result. the same applies for prayer. If a person wants to move from Point A to Point B, he asks “how do I get there?”

Whatever plan he comes up with, is his strategy for getting to Point B. Strategy also answers the question “what is the best way to get there?” Sometimes, there are various answers to the question.

He, therefore, has to decide what the best option is that uses the least amount of resources. It is in a bid to reduce the amount of effort involved in carrying out activities that machines were invented.

For example, it is faster to travel by air than walking and it is easier to use a bottle opener instead of one’s teeth. When you are a strategic thinker, you want to achieve big results while employing the least effort.

That way, you maximise your potentials and increase your results. On the other hand, prayer is communication with God. When we combine the two, strategic prayer can be defined as communication with God so as to download God’s plans, methods or manoeuvres for achieving God’s results.

Prayer is not an opportunity for downloading God’s strategies to achieve your own results. The Bible tells us that wanting to use God to achieve our own objectives is manipulation and it is described as witchcraft.

Many people are guilty of this and it is one of the reasons why many prayers remain unanswered (James 4: 3). Prayer in itself is a strategy which gives each individual a tremendous advantage. It helps you to leverage God’s resources to achieve great results.

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Through prayer, you have access to God’s wisdom and power which help you to achieve results beyond human capabilities.

Zacchaeus is a good example of a strategic thinker. He wanted to see Jesus; that is the objective. He got to where Jesus was and there is a big crowd.

Zacchaeus is described as a short man. As human beings, we will always have limitations but he did not give up because of his stature. So his strategy was to run ahead of everyone in the direction Jesus was going and to find a sycamore tree to leverage on. His action caused destiny to happen because Jesus decided to dine with him. (Luke 19: 1-7).

Prayer gives you access to the revelation which gives you leverage (Jeremiah 33:3). For us, prayer is the sycamore tree because it gives us access to God’s wisdom and power. Prayer helps us to involve the Holy Spirit in our affairs. Through prayer, we step into a supernatural dimension (Romans 8:26).

Without the help of the Holy Spirit, our prayer points are sometimes inaccurate. Prayer also gives us access to God’s resources.

Daniel leveraged on prayer. He was a young captive of war who had an influence on four different administrations. They did not like him but they could not do without him (Daniel 2).

When you have found prayer as your strategy, Satan wants to attack your prayer life just like he did with Daniel. He was thrown into the lions’ den because he prayed to God but God showed up there. Prayer, in itself, is a divine strategy (James 5:13-18; Galatians 6:1). This year, engage the help of the Holy Spirit in your prayer life.

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