Our Political Leaders Need Spiritual Rebirth to End Corruption – Rev Tor Uja


Executive secreatry of Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC), Rev Tor Uja has said corrupted leaders need spiritual rebirth to change their ways, Uja advised the federal government to send political leaders to pilgrimage once a year to change their minds on corrupt practices

Rev. Tor Uja, the executive secretary of Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC) has said every Nigeria leader needs spiritual rebirth to be able to avoid corruption. Uja who spoke with pressmen on Monday, February 20, urged the federal government to sponsor the political posting of leaders to Christian pilgrimage once a year to convert corrupt minds. Uja said: “I feel a sadness when I hear that people who were entrusted with responsibility, did not only take billions of dollars, it shows their spirit were dead because if such monies were put in a bank or in a community or used to empower young or old people or used to fund agriculture or education, a lot would have happened in this country. “I still want the federal government to fund some certain areas of pilgrimage. I want the federal government to fund some ministers, chief executives of MDAs, permanent secretaries and those in some leadership positions. Fund them to participate in Christian pilgrimage once every year because many of the people who are found in grave corrupt practices are a manifestation that they’ve lost track of their spiritual bearing and anybody in office could lose track. “To be able to nurse the spirit of those who are in office, they should be funded to go on pilgrimage even if it’s once a year or once in two years, it will help them to refocus their pilgrimage. “They took raw cash in dollars and they kept it in useless places. I think it’s a loss of spiritual bearing and a spiritual orientation of Christian pilgrimage will force people to have a breather. “I support the pursuit and recovery of funds but am looking for something more long lasting; oiling the spirit of people who are in office and I believe sending them on pilgrimage where they can pray, study the scriptures, do meditations and rediscover their origins and their duty to their nation will help better to organize people who are supposed to provide us with serious service.”

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