PFN Launches Movement for Youths

National Youth Coordinator of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Rev. David Ize-Iyamu has lunched a Youth Revolution Movement (YRM) to prepare young Nigerians for leadership, governance, and participation in the electoral process.

At the inauguration in Lagos, Ize-Iyamu explained that YRM will transit youths from passive onlookers to commitment in the electoral process so, they can become the change they seek.

Ize-Iyamu, an administrator and nationalist, added that the movement is neither violent nor militant, but a peaceful, yet firm and structured drive towards positive self-determination, national pride, social consciousness, and measurable change.

He said given their population, youths must be active in voter registration and stand for election to become effective leaders.

“It is no secret that the youth population is the largest sub-group in our national demography, but unfortunately the larger percentage of this sub-group exhibit severe apathy towards leadership, politics or governance,” Ize-Iyamu said.

He, however, exonerate youths from such apathy, as this has been a consequence of the lack of inspiring leadership the country has experienced.

Contrary to claims by some critics that youths have lost faith in the country due to bad governance, Ize-Iyamu added that youths have to be given renewed hope to have faith in Nigeria again, and buy into the process of national re-evolution.

On the difference between YRM and similar groups that have been around, Ize-Iyamu explained that his group will engage presidential aspirants, and ensure they implement their promises to the electorate.

He insisted: “Nigerian youths are well informed and aware of the leadership role youths across the world are taking in driving social, political and economic change.

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“For instance, Nollywood was created from scratch by youths without government support. YRM is out to mobilise youths to take centre-stage in crafting the future.

“Our youths are no longer moved by rhetoric. Their conversations on social media, on the streets, and in organised fora show they crave inspired, responsible, empathetic, and credible leadership.”

The YRM convener said the movement intends to inform, educate, lead, and sometimes sensitise youths, to action and participation in the political value-chain.

“We will show practical and dynamic approaches to achieve solutions to national problems, and inspire youths to take responsibility for those solutions,” he said.

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