Pastors Adeboye, Odukoya, Others Pray for Peace and Prosperity in Nigeria

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), on Tuesday led intercessory prayers for Nigeria at Redemption Camp of the church.

In the three-hour interdenominational ‎meeting prayers were said for the end of the various problems of the country, including corruption and the recent upsurge of bloodshed across the land.

Opening the session after praise and worship songs, Pastor Adeboye said it was dedicated to prayers, with no formalities, and no introductions.

He advised the congregation of several hundred of people at the Old Arena‎ of the Redemption Camp to take prayer positions they deemed fit as pastor after pastor led special prayers backed with scripture quotations.

The first prayer was for forgiveness of the sins of the nation and for general repentance in a manner that will spare us God’s wrath as it happened in the city of Nineveh, which Jonah was sent to warn. When the call was heeded to the City was spared from destruction.

The leadership of a country has to be in right standing with God for it to witness peace and prosperity, so prayers were said for the President, the Vice President, National Assembly leaders, Governors and LGA chairmen and well as the Judiciary. There were prayers for them to rule with the fear of God; for good leadership and for peace in the land.

For the 2019 elections, the congregation prayed for God to choose leaders He deems fit for the country at all levels of governance, and for violence-free elections. They prayed for courageous leaders with vision and creativity.

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The national economy received special prayers for growth, prosperity, eradication of poverty in the land; and the wealth of the nation to return to the people of Nigeria.

For a secure country where people will live in peace without threats to live and property, prayers were said ‎for security agents to do their work effectively with the fear of God.

Christopher Kolade, former Nigeria high commissioner to the UK led the prayer for efficient utilisation of resources. Citing God’s blessing on the country, he pointed out that indeed there is no reason for Nigerians to be poor. He prayed for optimal and efficient utilisation of the country’s resources, without waste.

“Father teach us how to use what you have blessed us with: and by your mercy ‎give us the humility to learn to use our resources,” he prayed.

He lamented a situation where farms are destroyed or burned for whatever reason, and the inability of farmers to sell all their produce because of marketing problems.

With the threat of a growing youth population and idleness caused by unemployment, special prayers were said for ‎the creation of more employment opportunities and initiatives for self-employment, as well as God’s intervention to keep the youths from crime.

Mercy Ezekiel offered prayers against evil doers; and all demonic plans and orchestrations.  She prayed for God to come against those ‎who are working to keep the nation in darkness.

There were also prayers of peace and progress of the nation, during which the adversity that has been afflicting Nigeria was rebuked.

Taiwo Odukoya, who led the prayers noted that, “the moment peace eludes a nation, the nation goes down.

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Folu Adeboye, the wife of the general overseer, prayed for families to stay in the blessing which God himself blessed mankind in the scriptures – to be fruitful and multiply and live in peace. She prayed for an end of all manner of abuses in the family.

There were also prayers‎ for the health sector and other key sectors, and for Nigerians in the Diaspora.

The day was closed ‎by Adeboye with special prayers for repentance and revival in the church, so strong to cause fire to fall as on the day of Pentecost. He prayed for unity in the church and against lukewarmness.

“Father, make us a unified and one indivisible church,” he prayed.

After that he gave opportunity for individuals to pray for themselves and closed the day with blessing for the country and the  participants, expressing confidence in the manifest ion of the prayers in  the life of the nation.

Over 10 pastors led the prayers.

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