Pastor Nomthi’s Words of Encouragement

The world is in a state of distress, so there is cause to be troubled and afraid, naturally speaking. But the word of God is still true and relevant, and when God’s children believe and hold on to His word, they experience that peace which He has promised them. Pastor Nomthi said this while admonishing the congregation. “Frightening situations would come but you must always remember God’s word and claim your peace even in the midst of the storm,” she said.

Speaking from John 14:27 which is the promise of the week, for The Fountain of Life Church, she said that the distresses going on in the world today are the signs of the end times which Christ spoke about. God’s children therefore ought to be at peace in His word no matter how much fear wants to creep into their hearts. “Peace, according to God’s standard, is not the absence of chaos or storm, but being able to hold your peace even in the midst of the storm,” she stated.

She urged them not to complain over their situations, but rather allow God’s peace reign in their lives. “When you are peaceful, you will be content, even when things are not going smoothly. Complaining doesn’t change anything, instead it makes the process longer. So don’t complain,” she said.

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