Pastor Iruofagha James Charges Church Leaders to Walk the Talk

Pastor Iruofagha James charged leaders to live what they preach so as not to make Christianity  joke. Pastor James who is the General Overseer of Glory Christian Ministry (GMC) Lagos said this at the closing session of the 25th anniversary of the church. He also said his charge to Christians was to always be central in everything they preached as they are expected to lead by example.

As he went on saying, “The Bible refers to us as the salt and light of the world. As soon as you accept to be a Christian, your two feet should be put in it, not one foot out and one in the church. When one indulges in such attitude, Christianity becomes a laughing stock.”

He also said Christians should not waver in keeping their standards in whatever they engaged in. God has given his word not to allow any crisis that will drown or overtake the Christians. This means if He allows any crisis to come our way, He knows we can handle it and such crisis will strengthen our faith, give us experience and build stamina in us with good Christian characters. So why should we run away from crisis? he asked.

He gave an example by explaining the difference between being 25 years in existence as a church and building on what we have learnt within the 25 years of existence.

“Now, things will be done quicker and better. We are going to teach our children to be better Christians, see themselves as leaders of tomorrow and walk in the way of God”, Pator James said. He also encouraged the Christians to learn how to face challenges as eagles do.

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In the mood of celebrating 25 years in the ministry, the clergy said: “l feel proud and humbled, especially when one realises that it cannot be achieved by any human strength or endeavour, and listening to the testimonies of people whose lives have been transformed.” This, he said, makes him happy as these only can be done by God and not man.

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