Pass Competition and Consumer Protection Bill Now – Business Group Tells National Assembly

The organised private coalition of business-minded organisations has urged the National Assembly to pass the ‘Competition and Consumer Protection Bill.’


In an advocacy walk organised in Kaduna to enlighten the public on the provision of the bill, the coalition group noted that the bill, which has passed through second reading in the National Assembly, is aimed at creating a level playing ground for businesses, enterprises, business-oriented non-government organisations and stakeholders at all levels.

Speaking to journalists in the advocacy rally, Lawal Abdulkadir, said “in the business circle, we know that industries, businesses and companies operate at different levels. Some are small scale, some are medium and some are large scale. Therefore, at those levels, the wherewithal is not the same. This competition bill aims to create a level playing field to all businesses across various sectors of the economy.

“One of the objectives of this bill is to manage pricing that will benefit both large and small scale businesses. It is possible that a large business can strike out smaller and medium scale businesses by simply crashing out the prices in the market, and all they need to do is to slash their prices and at the lower level, small-scale businesses will not have any chance to compete at all. The bill tries to address this.

“Generally, businesses are able to compete fairly; consumers are able to get the value for their money. The economy, in general, is going to be improved and everybody is able to make a choice in the market because there are different products and the prices are right, competitive and businesses have the freedom to choose with nobody forcing them to buy a particular product at a higher price.

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