Our Father’s Inheritance

A dying man on his sick bed in the hospital called his wife and four children.

Dying man: ‘To you my wife, take over the petroleum company at 4 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi.

Wife started crying loudly.

Dying man: ‘To you my first son, take over the shopping mall at 12 Kingsway Road, Ikoyi’

First son rolling and screaming.

Dying man: ‘To you my second son, take over the gas station close to the airport’.

Second son crying louder.

Dying man: ‘To you my third son, take over the eatery at Falomo’.

Third son was wailing

Dying man: ‘To you my only daughter, the high school is yours’.

Daughter crying loudest.

The confused nurse asked:

‘I don’t understand why you people are crying and screaming in pain. Your dad left you a great deal of properties to make you comfortable till the end of time’.

Wife: ‘Properties ko… comfortable ni! He is a cleaner and those are places he cleans everyday…

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