Ogun Baptist Conference to FG: Flush Out Bandits, Not Those Agitating for Better Nigeria

The Ogun State Baptist Conference has called on the Federal Government to channel its energy in dealing with bandits and other criminal elements across the country, and not those agitating for better Nigeria.

This call was made by the President of the Conference, Revd. Oyewale Oyeniyi, while addressing newsmen on the activities slated for the 44th edition of Ogun Baptist Conference In Session in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital.

While noting that the country had been under the siege of insecurity, corruption, bad government among others, Oyeniyi accused President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration of slowly dividing the country. He also wondered why the FG is exerting so much energy on those agitators and secessionists against bandits and terrorists.

“Agitators are only reacting to the terrible move of the government to divide Nigeria not that they want to divide Nigeria. It is the government of the day that is dividing Nigeria, not the agitators.

“If the Federal Government pursue bandits the way they are pursuing agitators demanding for secession, all these crises will stop.

“I see this current government slapping us and still asking us not to cry. Those agitating are only crying because the government is beating them,” he added.

The clergy who described the nation’s political leaders currently occupying the political space as accidental said the situation of the country is becoming worrisome on a daily basis.

The Conference President equally called on Christians in the country to use their electoral power in the 2023 general elections to vote out wicked leaders and vote in those who have the fear of God at heart.

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“The greatest fear now is whether there will be a free and fair election in 2023. If there’s is no free and fair election, Nigerians will react.

“During the forthcoming 2023 elections, Nigerians must look for people of integrity who are committed to render selfless for the good and progress of the country and not politicians who lure voters with gifts only to forget them when they get to power,” Oyeniyi said.

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