Observe Your Rest

Rest is a necessity in life. We need to observe our rest period in the midst of our daily chores, or perhaps, have a separate time to do so.

Before delving into how we need to observe our rest, let’s share the meaning of rest. Basically, rest is the period or state of not doing work; a time for relaxation, a time of not being busy, etc.

The essence of this write up is to enable us know the importance of observing this life need. Same attention we pay to our work and other life ambitions should be accorded to rest. We must have a time table for rest because it is an indispensable part of a good lifestyle and desirable longevity.

Accepted that our world is replete with a lot of fantasies, juicy attractions, career and social interests, goals etc. that would warrant us to aim at most or some of them. Yes, it is nice to explore, exert energy at worthy tasks or life goals. But we should not throw caution to the wind when the issue of rest need to be observed.

How do you observe rest?

Many avenues lend themselves to our employ. Few of them are:

  1. Taking time out. Moving away from a work environment, freeing your mind from mental stress, worry, fear, anxiety can be very helpful. Rest should also include keeping away from distractions or noise, which of course can disrupt the rest period.
  2. Watching movies, or playing games, listening to music, in a relaxed mood play prominent part in taking time off work.
  3. Actual sleeping takes a whole of burden off you. Apart from the rule which provides a normal 8 hour rest at night, you should also endeavor to rest in between work hours.
  4. Occasionally staying in a lying position whether in bed, chair, on the ground, etc or resting your head on the table, makes a lot of difference in shedding off work stress.
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Advantages of observing rest

  1. Refreshment: Invariably, you become refreshed or renewed when you observe rest very well.
  2. The gain of energy: After every rest period, it is certain that lost energy are recovered and you do not feel worn out, rather you have strength at your disposal for other activities.
  3. Longevity: When your cells, tissues and organs get enough rest they last long for you; they do not get frail due to overwork and stress.
  4. Freedom from stress: Yes, you do not get boxed down if your rest period is duly observed. And of course, all attendant sicknesses associated with stress are not yours to bear; you are totally free from them.

Disadvantages of not observing rest

It is oftentimes said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This applies here. Any time work is at play the brain is at work. Everything we do- think, run, sing, jump, and any other form of exertion of energy, the brain controls all of our actions. Hence, it takes most of the pains if it is not allowed to rest.

These are the signs to denote you are not observing rest in the right dosage.

  1. Stress: This affects the brain due to much work it has been subjected to. When this sets in, signs like heaviness of the head, inability to breathe well or occasions of stiffened chest, sleeplessness, vibration of limbs, headache, anxiety, heavy heartbeat, etc tell of the presence of stress.
  2. Slow thought process: Since it is the brain that is much affected when you do not observe rest, you would find it challenging thinking well and, any task that calls for mental work can be hindered so badly to the extent that silly mistakes cannot be avoided.
  3. Time wastage: Much time is consumed doing what should ordinarily take you a short time to accomplish simply because the thought organ, which is the brain, needs rest, which you denied it.
  4. Ill health or death: Most of the sickness humans are dealing with right now are offshoots of restlessness. Of course, when not having rest has become a routine or a lifestyle, then the lifespan can indeed by shortened through terminal illnesses (stroke or brain damage) or even death.
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The Valour Digest is however urging you all to have a rest plan or time table as you continue with life. So we can have better lifestyle and life expectancy (put at 53 years for men; 56 years for women for Nigerians by WHO’s statistics), which is right now not favourable.

Please share with the Valour Digest what you think about this topic. We would like to hear from you soon.

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