5 Reasons Why He Didn’t Pick Your Call

Why is it that when ladies call their man and he doesn’t pick their mind immediately goes to the worst case scenario and they assume he’s on top of a woman and spreading his seeds inside them. After dropping like 7 calls and he doesn’t pick up then they resort to dropping a nasty text saying stuff like “You ain’t shit, I hope you and the bit*c your fvcking rot in hell”.
Has it occurred to you that maybe, just maybe he didn’t pick because he was preoccupied doing important stuff. Below are 5 major reasons why you man didn’t pick your call.

1. HE’S ACTUALLY REALLY BUSY: People get busy and can’t get to their phones all the time. You do sometimes, too. He might not be ignoring you at all. He could just be very busy and unable to get to his phone.
I know you might be thinking, “but why can’t he just say that?” But honestly, if you’re unexpectedly very busy, you’re not going to grab your phone. Your mind is occupied. That could very well be the case with him.

2. OR HIS PHONE ACTUALLY WENT OFF: Let’s be real for a minute. Phones die all the time. I think we’ve grown, as a society, to just expect people to keep their phone charged when they know they’ll be away from a charging source. But people don’t actually do that. It’s very likely that his phone died and he just isn’t even aware you’re trying to get in touch with him. Before jumping to conclusions, remember that his phone could be dead.

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3. OR HE JUST FELL ASLEEP: If you know he’s home and you’re convinced he’s ignoring you, just think about the fact that he could be asleep. People take naps all the time. He easily could have dozed off for a couple hours and hasn’t seen your texts or calls yet.

4. OR HE DOESN’T HAVE NETWORK: He can’t get your messages if he doesn’t have network or service. Depending on where he is, he could be stuck without a connection at all. If that’s the case, he’s obviously not ignoring you. He just can’t reach you.

5. OR HE LEFT HIS PHONE: This is another perfectly logical reason for his unresponsiveness. He just left his phone behind. He didn’t bring it to the store or out with friends for dinner.
Sure, it’s less logical nowadays but there are still plenty of people who don’t have their phone with them everywhere they go. He could be one of them.

Source: Vibe

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