Nigerians Cry Out Against Increase in the Death of Christians in Nigeria

A report by a Nigerian-based NGO has revealed a huge increase in the death toll of Christians at the hands of Islamic extremists.

The report reveals that at least 1,470 Christians have been killed in the country in the first four months of 2021 alone. This is the highest death toll the country has recorded in several years. As a result of frequent kidnappings, another 2,200 Christians have been abducted by Islamic extremists in the same period.

In the wake of their research, the group is now crying out against these deaths. Additionally, they argue that the attacks have a clear religious dimension.

In the report, the Nigerian Minister of Culture Lai Mohammed is quoted as saying that Boko Haram and ISIS fighters “have started targeting Christians and Christian villages to trigger a religious war and throw the nation into chaos.”

The report also cites the words of CAN President Reverend Samson Ayokunle. He warns that Nigeria is “under siege” by terrorists and Fulani militants who have the common “goal to Islamize Nigeria”.

The NGO states that,

“Boko Haram has publicly declared war on Christians and stated its aim to Islamize the whole of Nigeria. Fulani militants are killing even more Christians than Boko Haram fighters They appear to be serving the same agenda. This latest dimension to the violence can no longer be described as simply herder-farmer clashes.”

Other prominent Christians warn that a concerted effort should be made to stop the evil acts of the so-called herders. This will ensure that Nigeria remains a single entity.

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